Mahone, Urueta win SGA presidential race with 75 percent of the vote


Charles Mahone was speechless when he was told he would be representing the students of Central Michigan University next fall as president of the Student Government Association.

Mahone and running mate Mariah Urueta were elected SGA president and vice president with 75 percent of the total vote in the 2014 SGA elections, which ended Friday at midnight.

“I feel so blessed and grateful that so many voted for us,” Mahone said. “We were not expecting such a high percentage of the vote.”

Students voted for SGA president, treasurer and senators on OrgSync from March 31 to April 4.

A total of 1,704 students voted in the election, or roughly 8.7 percent of the 19,634 students enrolled on campus as of the fall of 2013.

This was nearly double the amount of votes from the 2013 election when the student population garnered 903. This year's total fell short from the 2012 election, when 2,046 votes were registered.


When Mahone and Urueta received the news shortly before midnight on Friday, they were writing thank you cards to supporters.

“When I found out that we won the election, and by how many votes, I couldn't stop thinking about all of the support we've gotten from our peers, friends, staff members and people who trust us,” Urueta said.

Mahone is hoping for a smooth transition as he and Urueta begin their new roles in SGA. Mahone is still in the process of deciding who to appoint to his executive board.

The opposing candidates, SGA President Marie Reimers and running mate Margaret Blackmer, were also told the results of the election Saturday.

“We've had a good year and I'm proud of what we've gotten accomplished,” Reimers said. “Good luck and congratulations to Chuck and Mariah.”

The rest of the field

Although the positions of president and treasurer were filled without issues, the same cannot be said for the Senate race. Of the 24 seats available, only 18 were officially filled.

The number of Senate seats a college has is determined by the enrollment numbers for the college.

Each college is given two seats, regardless of enrollment, but colleges with more students will have more representation in SGA.

Seats remain vacant for the College of Communication and Fine Arts, College of Graduate Studies and College of Medicine, College of Health Professions and the College of Science and Technology.

Taylor Gehrcke, who ran unopposed for treasurer, received 88 percent of the vote.

There has been no word on how SGA plans to fill the vacant seats, but the decision will likely be one of Mahone’s and Urueta’s first tasks in the executive office.

Colleges that met the required amount of senators included the College of Business, the College of Education and Human Services, the College of Humanities and Social and Behavioral Sciences, and those who are undecided along with the Global Campus.

The SGA inauguration is 5:30 p.m. on Monday in the University Center Rotunda. All students are welcome to attend.


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