City, university to partner on lights north of campus


City/student liaison Ian Elliot thanks the Mount Pleasant City Commission for its recent lighting project on Nov. 9. 

Students walking to or from downtown will not have to make their treks in the dark much longer.

At tonight's Mount Pleasant City Commission meeting, commissioners unanimously voted to accept $60,000 from CMU to aid in the cost of lighting on streets north of campus, with student safety and behavior in mind.

"CMU is really stepping forward for this, and we're going to step forward together on these issues," said Mount Pleasant Mayor Jim Holton. "In all of my meetings with President (George) Ross, he says safety is his number one priority for students." 

With part of the project being paid for by CMU, the city will draw on its special assessment and general funds to see the lighting's completion in 2016. On Douglas, University and Franklin streets, the lights will extend from Bellows to High streets. On Lansing Street, the lights will be installed up to Gaylord Street. 

Ian Elliot, Student Government Association's appointed city/student liaison brought up the hit and run that killed a CMU student Halloween weekend. Though this incident took place in Union Township, Elliot said it brought lighting issues to the forefront of students' minds, and commended the city for going forward with the project, which was approved with the city's operating budget.

"It seems like (hit and run) issues like this are reoccurring," Elliot said to the commission.

Holton also said the lights were brought up not only for safety, but to help curb the behavior some students exhibit in neighborhoods north of campus. Law enforcement will have an easier time locating these problem people, he said. 

Also on safety, the commission finalized the traffic control order which made Main and Washington streets two-ways during the summer. The order was in place for its required 90 days, and City Manager Nancy Ridley said it seems to be working as intended.


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