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Court documents in Ian Elliott case detail more allegations of drugging, sexual assault


Ian Elliott sits in the Isabella County Trial Courthouse for a preliminary hearing on Jan. 10 in Courtroom 3. Elliott is charged with two counts of third degree criminal sexual conduct and one count of assault with intent to commit sexual penetration. 

Documents filed Thursday in Isabella County District Court in the Ian Elliott sexual assault case gave insight on new allegations against him that included an alleged attempt to drug a woman and a sexual assault reported by a sorority member after a Phi Kappa Tau event. 

Elliott, 24, of Cheboygan will appear in Isabella County Trial Court on Monday, Feb. 11 for the first day of a possible two-day preliminary examination. Elliott, who previously served as the Student Government Association president, is charged with two counts of third degree criminal sexual conduct and one count of assault with intent to commit sexual penetration.

According to court records filed last week, a sorority woman told Phi Kappa Tau members that she was assaulted by Elliott at a 2014 fraternity party. Investigators said the woman, described as Witness 10, said Elliott forced her to perform oral sex on him. 

According to the court documents, Witness 9, who was a Phi Kappa Tau fraternity brother of Elliott's in 2015, stated he was contacted by the sorority member who said Elliott assaulted her. The sorority member told him she was at a house and that she and Elliott were intoxicated. She told the fraternity member that while she was in a room alone with Elliott, he “pulled off his clothes, aggressively suggested the two have sex and indicated to the female that this is what she was there for.” The statements say that when she refused him, Elliott sexually assaulted her. When the sexual assault incident was reported to the fraternity, Elliott sent Witness 9 text messages apologizing for “what he may have done and blamed the conduct on intoxication and the death of his mother.” 

Witness 8 told Michigan Attorney General case investigators he was also a member of Phi Kappa Tau in 2015. He described Elliott to investigators as being “very popular, but manipulative.” The man told investigators Elliott was removed from the fraternity after incidents of Elliott being intoxicated and due to his behavior with a sorority member. The witness states he met with the sorority member who alleges that Elliott sexually assaulted her. The witness also said after Elliott’s removal from the fraternity, Elliott threatened to "involve his lawyer."

Another person interviewed, Witness 6, told investigators about a 2017 incident on a boat with Elliott in Cheboygan. The witness states Elliott approached him and asked him to give one of the girls on the boat a pill. Witness 6 told investigators he believed the pill was a “date rape” drug and believed the substance was Molly. The witness states he refused and Elliott responded to him by calling him a “p***y.”  

Elliott is accused of sexually assaulting CMU graduate student Rachel Wilson on Aug. 31, 2016 after meeting her at The Cabin. In an interview with Central Michigan Life, Wilson described feeling disoriented after meeting up with Elliott, even though she had only consumed 1 1/2 beers. Later, Elliott took her to his apartment where she vomited and passed out. She told police he sexually assaulted her after she regained consciousness. 

Editor's note: Changes have been made to this story to correct the name of the fraternity, which was incorrectly named in court documents


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