Just a Swing Thing

WATCH: Central Michigan University's club, Just a Swing Thing, hosts an all level swing dance every Sunday at 8pm at Wesley Church.

Music by: 

Doug Maxwell - Sing Swing Bada Bing

Meet the CMU SGA President and Vice President

WATCH: Meet the President Jake Hendricks and Vice President Lyndi Rose of the CMU Student Government Association.

Glow in the Park 5k Sept. 14

WATCH: The city of Mount Pleasant hosted a Glow in the Park. Participants gathered at Island Park near downtown to create light in the night while staying fit.

Know Your RSO: Smash Club

WATCH: Host Adam Parry explores Smash Club, where CMU students play Super Smash Bros. weekly for fun and competition.

11-year-old DJ Dill Pickle

WATCH: Meet the Mount Pleasant 11-year-old DJ Dill Pickle, who spent his summer playing at festivals around Michigan.

Meet the Staff: Kelsey

WATCH: We talk about astrology, cats, changing perception, and more with Senior Account Executive Kelsey Church.

Preacher Rick Warzywak Sept. 13

WATCH: Preacher Rick Warzywak shouts his message outside the Park Library on CMU's campus as students walk by.

Students on the Street: Throwback Thursday

WATCH: Host Natalie McCorvie asks students about their favorite Disney show in celebration of Throwback Thursday.

Meet the Staff: Sara and Mitchell

WATCH: University Editor Sara Kellner and Investigative Editor Mitchell Kukulka reflect on writing about the damages caused by flooding in Mount Pleasant and a CMU student trying to fix spinal cord injuries.

Coffee Break

WATCH: We explore different coffee places around Mount Pleasant from local businesses like Ponder Coffee to franchises like Starbucks

Coffee Break

WATCH: We explore five different coffee places in Mount Pleasant from local businesses like Ponder Coffee and franchises like Starbucks.

Downtown Mount Pleasant

WATCH: Take a trip through downtown Mount Pleasant and visit the different places it has to offer.

CMU first home game tailgate Sept. 8

WATCH: CMU students get together at the first home game tailgate of the  2018-2019 school year before playing against the University of Kansas. 

NVC Kick Off

WATCH: Members of the Entrepreneurship Program at CMU kick off the 8 month New Venture Competition. Workshops and social events will be held in the coming months leading to the competition in April.

Students on the Street: Upperclassmen Give Freshman Advice

WATCH: Host Natalie McCourvie talks to students about college and advice they would give to themselves when they were freshman.

Get to Know Our Staff: Dylan

WATCH: Sports Editor Dylan Goetz talks about the most impactful story he's written for CM Life.

Karma Kat Cafe

WATCH: Karma Kat Cafe, a Mount Pleasant business, seeks to find homes for sheltered cats.

Get to Know Our Staff: Quinn and Chelsea

WATCH: Get to know our Features Editor Quinn Kirby and Photo Editor Chelsea Grobelny as they talk about their favorite photos they've taken for CM Life.


WATCH: Students talk with host Cori Hanna during Main Stage, an annual event that introduces new students to student organizations across Central Michigan University's campus. The event has live music, games and carnival rides.

CMU's Leadership Safari 2018

WATCH: About 1900 students participated in the annual five-day Leadership Safari at Central Michigan University.