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Isabella County Trial Court to adopt new policy prohibiting cellphones

(02/27/15 2:07pm)

Prompted by several recordings of courtroom actions uploaded to YouTube by Mount Pleasant resident Ted Visner, Isabella County Trial court will be adopting a new policy prohibiting cell phones, recording devices, and cameras in the county courthouse. Effective March 9, Isabella County Trial court will be adopting the policy. The policy has been adopted in order to enhance and maintain the security of the courthouse, preserve the integrity of the court record and the trial process and to ensure appropriate courtroom behavior. "Unfortunately the irresponsible act of one person is causing us to respond at this juncture," said Chief Judge Paul Chamberlain. The policy states that attorneys appearing in connection with any judicial proceeding or presenting evidence of bar membership, Isabella county Trial Court employees, law enforcement and corrections officers appearing at the court on official business, members of the media with permission and individuals representing themselves who require a cell phone or electronic device to present evidence.

State passes bill allowing warrantless phone search

(02/22/15 10:30pm)

Michigan's state legislature's Criminal Justice Committee unanimously passed a bill Tuesday allowing local law enforcement to obtain an individual's location through their mobile device without a warrant.The current proposal, called the Kelsey Smith Bill, or House Bill 4006, is named in memoriam of a young Kansas woman who was kidnapped, raped and murder in 2007. Police were forced to wait four days for a warrant compelling Verizon to release Smith’s phone’s last known location, by which point she had already been found raped and murdered.HB 4006 passed unanimously through the Criminal Justice Committee after testimony from Smith’s mother, Missy, and is now on track to be heard on the House floor.

MPPD makes biggest drug bust from traffic stop in department history

(02/19/15 10:00pm)

In what police are calling the biggest drug bust from a traffic stop in the history of the department, Mount Pleasant Police Department officers arrested two Mount Pleasant women attempting to transport 13 bindles of heroin and 12 bindles of another unidentified drug. Officers stopped the women in their black Dodge Charger for having illegally tinted windows and an improperly placed license plate.

Two pedestrians struck by drunk driver

(02/19/15 5:35pm)

Two pedestrians were struck by a vehicle in front of Wayside Central at 1:57 a.m. Wednesday morning. Dwayne Wolfgang, a 30-year-old Mount Pleasant man was turning left off of East Broomfield Street onto South Mission Street and failed to yield to pedestrians in the crosswalk. Wolfgang was intoxicated with a blood alcohol level of 0.14, nearly twice the legal limit.The pedestrians, an 18-year-old White Lake male and a 20-year-old Oak Forest Illinois female, were rushed to McLaren Central Michigan for treatment. Officers arrested Wolfgang for driving while intoxicated.

New campus alerts system tested

(01/25/15 11:45pm)

The system was tested twice this week, in incidents involving an intoxicated student who threatened gun violence and another who carried a holstered weapon on campus in Before the Thanksgiving break, a group representing Central Michigan University administrators, faculty, students and the CMU Police Department met to address communication issues with an Oct.

Campus police stay busy over break

(01/13/15 11:45pm)

Christmas break is a time for students to relax, unwind, and catch their breath after an entire semester of working day in and day out, but for the police who make all that possible, Christmas break is a time to work on preparing for another semester of keeping this campus of some 27,000 students safe. "It's pretty quiet over break," says Lieutenant Klaus of CMUPD "but we're still busy."CMUPD divides the Christmas break time into training, checking campus buildings and cars, and equipment maintenance, all while lending their help to other local police departments. "We use the spare time to train," says Klaus "We work on procedural training, appropriate use of force, and we practice with arms, weather permitting."In addition to keeping officers on their toes with training, CMUPD is responsible for checking that all of the administrative and residential buildings on campus remain secure, as well as monitoring the cars still on campus."We are routinely checking to make sure that nothing gets broken into" explains Klaus.Beyond their training and routine patrolling, CMUPD uses the break time to perform maintenance on all their equipment, as well as assisting other local police including Tribal Police and the Mount Pleasant Police Department.