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SGA candidates plan to bring change to campus

(04/02/17 6:57pm)

 There are currently three students who are running for the Student Government Association Presidential election 2017-18.Students all have a variety of differences that they would like to make here on Central Michigan University’s campus, if elected.Those who are running for president are Midland junior Anna Owens, Palms junior Luke Anderson and Belding senior Cody Van Buren.For Vice President, sophomore Derek Sturvist will serve with Owens, sophomore Galen Miller with Anderson and senior Emilee Madison with Van Buren.Voting began on March 28 and continues until 11:59 p.m.

SGA presidential candidates to debate in UC

(03/27/17 4:59pm)

Student Government Association will host a student body presidential debate at 7:25 p.m. Monday, March 27 in the Bovee University Center Auditorium.Those running for president for the 2017-18 academic year are current SGA Vice President Anna Owens, Treasurer Luke Anderson and House Leader Cody Van Buren.Sophomore Derek Sturvist will be running with Owens, sophomore Galen Miller with Anderson and Senate Leader Emilee Madison with Van Buren.SGA will be taking questions from the public off of its Twitter page.

SGA passes seven resolutions, announces student body presidential candidates

(03/21/17 12:09am)

The Student Government Association passed seven resolutions at its meeting Monday in the Bovee University Center.All resolutions passed by the House are as follows: A resolution in creation of an online bump systemA resolution to support the creation of a policy to expand daily vegan and vegetarian optionsA resolution to support providing healthier food options in the markets on-campusA resolution in support of petitioning Mount Pleasant City CommissionA resolution to require that students be notified when professors are assigned to registered classesA resolution for the establishment of an Arab-American History Week at Central Michigan UniversityA resolution to support the extension of university coordinated pickups for new international studentsThe House voted to table a resolution to endure registered student organization members are registered Central Michigan University students and all members follow university policies.

SGA passes resolution supporting handicap accessible residence colleges, theme halls

(03/14/17 10:36am)

Student Government Association passed at its meeting Monday a resolution to support the creation of a policy that requires all residence halls that host "Living and Learning Communities" to become handicap accessible.Rockford sophomore Caroline Murray, registered student organization growth and development chairperson, said she has been working on this legislation since she was first elected in May 2016.

SGA supports proposal to create new UP subgroup

(02/13/17 11:36pm)

The house and senate voted to pass the proposal to create Group IV-D of the University Program at their meeting on Feb.13.Group IV-D is entitled Studies in Other Forms of Discrimination in the United States and Other Cultures.“In 2014-15 this was brought up under the Chuck Malone administration and it passed both the house and senate,” said SGA Vice President Anna Owens.  “But right now since its two years since that one passed, we are just bringing it to you guys again so that we can make sure this is something that the student body as a whole wants.”The proposal states that adding Group IV-D will provide students to undertake courses focusing on groups inside or outside the US that experience social, economic, and/or political discrimination due to identities or shared traits other than race.The house and senate passed the proposal with 74 in favor, 13 opposed and 9 abstained.“We would hope that it would be on the fall 2018 bulletin, but that is uncertain depending on when it would be approved by the academic senate through the university,” said Michael Mamp Professor of Human and Environmental Studies.Packets for those wanting to run for SGA President and Vice President are available in the SGA office due by March 3.Campaigns are not allowed to start until Feb.

SGA approves one of two resolutions at second semester meeting

(01/24/17 1:28am)

The Student Government Association introduced their second meeting of the spring 2017 semester with the available positions that are up for grabs.The UC Auditorium was filled with students eager to see change in CMU’s community.The house leader Cody Van Buren, introduced the available positions, which were the following: House Clerk, House Pro Tempore, Parliamentarian, Membership Committee, SBAC, and Hardship.Leaders of the six committees had then given updates on what was discussed at their individual meetings.

Proceeding With a Purpose

(01/18/17 8:44pm)

While Central Michigan University administration and the Academic Senate make decisions regarding the university, some of the legislation comes from another source.That source is a group of students whose decisions reflect the voice for their fellow students on campus.Student Government Association (SGA) is described by its President Jazmin Biernat as “an organization of student representatives on campus that look to address issues that are relevant for everyone.”Biernat replaced Ian Elliott, who stepped down in December due to “personal reasons and opportunities.” Biernat declined to comment Elliott’s whereabouts but said she is excited to lead the organization this semester.“Every year it’s something different,” Biernat said.