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Students spread cultural awareness at Unified Holiday Celebration

(11/19/15 10:03pm)

Julius Cantuba said it’s important for students to remember people celebrate winter holidays other than Christmas.“Before (students) go to Thanksgiving next week, the Unified Holiday Celebration brings awareness to other holidays,” said Cantuba, who is a student staff assistant in the Multicultural Academic Student Services office.The Unified Holiday Celebration was hosted by MASS in the Bovee University Center Rotunda on Thursday, Nov.

Transcend educates students on contemporary trans issues

(11/18/15 10:03pm)

Members of Transcend spoke about contemporary trans issues at Trans 201 sessions on Wednesday. During the sessions, students had the opportunity to ask questions in a safe space. Transcend president Ash Alexander and vice president Kai Neizgoda covered macro issues that affect trans individuals, such as violence, mental health and economic disparity, in addition to micro issues. Microaggressions include misgendering people, asking invasive questions, making assumptions and not allowing trans individuals to use the correct bathrooms. Neizgoda said microaggressions, which are often present in people’s daily lives, add up and have an impact on people.One example of invasive questioning they shared was Caitlyn Jenner being asked about the difficulties of being a woman.

North Art Studio cleanup leaves contaminated, contained air ducts

(11/18/15 3:38pm)

After metals including lead, copper and mercury were found in the North Art Studio over the summer at levels above Occupational Safety and Health Administration-recommended housekeeping limits, Sherry Knight said the building was cleaned successfully. She said no health concerns have been confirmed related to the studio contamination.A mechanical room on the second floor of the North Arts Studio still contains a few pieces of contaminated ductwork that are not in use and have been sealed and contained.

Gender roles and the importance of feminism to all genders is explored in "Gentlemen's Club"

(11/12/15 9:28am)

Gender stereotypes and discrimination were discussed at "The Gentlemen's Club" event hosted by the Organization of Women Leaders for Women’s Empowerment Week in Pearce Hall Room 128 on Wednesday night.Two groups, one comprised of women and the other of men, discussed on stage the main issues involving gender inequality.

Trans Week of Awareness events to take place next week

(11/11/15 11:37am)

Trans Week of Awareness is being recognized by events that will take place next week. The events are sponsored by the registered student organization, Transcend, and the Office of LGBTQ Services.A panel discussion on navigating romantic relationships as a trans person and as a cis person dating trans folk will involve panelists sharing their experiences and answering questions. The Trans Relationships Panel will be at 7 p.m.

Ways students manage stress levels

(11/10/15 10:30am)

Southfield sophomore Shannon Stoudemire said she knows it is time to focus on herself when she begins to experience high anxiety, a loss in interests, and a depletion of her overall happiness. School alone can take a toll on physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing, and especially in combination with extra-curricular activities, working, and balancing a social life.