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Sigma Chi hosts second annual Sigma Freeze

(02/20/16 9:59pm)

John W. Glaizer was walking up the steps of Anspach Hall when he got the call that his mother had been diagnosed with breast cancer for the second time since 2007.Instead of walking into his philosophy exam like planned, the Birmingham senior found himself experiencing “one of his most embarrassing moments” of breaking down in front of the building.He began to go home as often as he could to fill in the role of his mother, including helping his younger brother apply to college, a confusing endeavor that he said his mother had helped him do.“I went home and did what I had to do to help make sure he was prepared and make sure she was comfortable,” Glaizer said.

Dishing it out: Students struggle to make healthy choices

(02/18/16 2:02am)

After eating meals served in the dining halls as an undergraduate, Jessika Kennedy said she developed high cholesterol, which she attributes to eating unhealthy food served to students as part of mandatory residential meal plans.While Kennedy said she could have made healthier meal choices, she thinks campus dining should cut back on how much greasy food they serve.Students, professors and health experts on campus had differing views on the nutritional value of meal plans at CMU, with most agreeing there should be more healthy options available. "It's my choice of what to eat.

Students navigate relationships, sexual health in hook-up culture

(02/14/16 10:32pm)

After a woman showed interest in her during their shared class, December alumna Katherine Visger decided to add her on facebook and directly asked her if she was interested in casually hooking up.The woman agreed and the pair met up at Visger’s apartment. From there, they had a pre-sex talk that included likes or dislikes, if they’ve been tested, if bother were positive they wanted to have sex and establishing the fact that Visger wasn’t interested in a relationship.Bad sex soon ensued, and the woman rode home in a taxi and Visger slept off what she dubbed a bad night, not prepared for the feeling of extreme awkwardness that would soon follow in the class the pair shared together. “She was always trying to make eye contact with me and sit by me, and after a round of bad sex, I wasn't in the zone to be friends with her," she said. “It was very uncomfortable to me. When she was interested in dating someone she had seen me hang out with, she was asking my opinion of him.”