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LETTER: Disgusted by campaign’s actions

(10/10/12 7:45am)

I am disgusted by the “Adam Lawrence for Mid-Michigan” campaign. A recent college graduate, Mr. Adam Lawrence is running for state representative for the 99th District against Kevin Cotter this November. As a Democrat, I am thankful that I am voting absentee this year and will not have to vote for a man like Mr. Lawrence. As a photographer, my work is my intellectual property and belongs to me unless used with my permission. I recently watched an advertisement for the Lawrence campaign and found that he used photos I had taken of him without my permission to promote his campaign. I kindly but sternly addressed the campaign, and the result: I was banned from the Facebook page and my comment was removed. This is what a candidate for state government acts like?

LETTER: Comments against Cain uncalled for

(09/28/12 7:45am)

The comments made by College Democrat president Alex Middlewood calling Herman Cain a “sexual predator” were extremely inappropriate. Middlewood’s argument is that we should take a sexist approach that a man has to prove his innocence in a harassment suit. Such an argument is dangerous, and this is why American courts have an “innocent until proven guilty” philosophy. Do I believe Cain is guilty?

LETTER: CMU Fans' Anger Shows Lack of Sportsmanship

(09/07/12 7:45am)

MSU is coming back to CMU soon, and CMU is determined to avenge their previous loss to the Spartans. Maroon and Gold, already everywhere, decides to make a more pragmatic integration into students' lives as the campus prepares for a big day. Thousands of students stand outside Kelly/Shorts Stadium to grab a ticket to enjoy the showdown, even my roommate got a farmer's tan for waiting roughly 3 hours. Great! Fire Up Chips and hopefully a good game occurs within a reasonably sportsmanlike manner. However; people on CM Life's Facebook page and their website are rather teethed that some fellow students are going to wear MSU colors to the game. Some of the quotes: Blair James: "Anyone that doesn't root for their OWN school is an idiot." Tim Prayther: "If you're wearing the opposing teams colors to the football game, don't even bother showing up.

LETTER: Incoming freshman should beware

(08/23/12 7:00am)

To the incoming freshman ... beware. Mt Pleasant wants your money but when it comes to you as an individual ... not so much. The police view the students as an unrestrained nuisance, the business community wants your patronage but not you, and the courts will side with local landlords and landowners everytime over what are considered transients regardless of the circumstances. I urge all students to register to vote locally ensuring your legitimate voice in local affairs. Good luck Captain Jerome A.

LETTER: Administration should be ashamed of problems that plague new, Central Link

(04/16/12 8:05am)

Regarding last Monday’s article, "OIT takes the reins for launch of new website; student reaction varies with early launch," Roger Rehm is still spouting nonsense. “Blue Chip Consulting Group, hired to help with the redesign, has fulfilled much of its contract, and now Central Michigan University’s Office of Information and Technology is taking a more hands-on role,” the article said. Blue Chip has failed miserably. Much of what they were supposed to do wasn’t done at all, and much of what they actually did was of poor quality.

LETTER: Proud to be a Chippewa

(04/16/12 7:45am)

As the university celebrates its 120th anniversary, the students, faculty and staff of Central Michigan University should be both proud of, and grateful for, the decisions made by previous generations of Chippewas. We should be grateful to those with the courage and vision to transform our institution from Central Michigan Normal School and Business College (1892) to (sequentially): Central State Teachers College (1927); Central Michigan College of Education (1941); Central Michigan College (1955) and Central Michigan University (1959), which today is considered a national doctoral institution. Today, the university is in the process of another major transformation as it prepares to become a major player in the most dynamic, fastest growing, and arguably most important industry in the world: health care. This has been, as one might expect, a challenging and contentious transformation.

LETTER: How can some claim to know what God's desires are?

(04/09/12 7:50am)

It’s funny that some claim to know what God wants. God, they say, is the creator of everything. He alone designed this expansive, elegant universe. Certainly the force that created the atomic structure and fashioned the conditions for life must be incredibly transcendent, they say. So why do many who proclaim the supremacy of God often in the same breath degrade Him by claiming to understand his desires and motives? We’re just a speck of the stardust scattered across the universe.

LETTER: New flawed in many ways

(04/04/12 8:00am)

Regarding Monday’s article “Delay in redesign will not cost CMU more than contracted $550,000,” there are a number of errors of fact. “The delay in the Central Michigan University website redesign will not cost the university more than its contracted $550,000, Vice President for Information Technology Roger Rehm said last week.” Roger lied; the delay has cost more than the contracted amount.

LETTER: Computer science professor not in the wrong

(04/02/12 7:45am)

Professor Thomas Ahlswede is by no means the most interesting professor on the planet. However, this does not detract from the fact that he’s one of the few professors that are super nice and willing to help where they can. The fact that Central Michigan Life would run this article and attack this man so that some senior “journalist” could get their degree disgusts me. There are thousands of art classes in schools all across the nation that actually have nude models come into the classrooms and pose.