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COLUMN: Trump attacked Gold Star Family, senators, doesn't care about white supremacy, is barely helping Puerto Rico showing he isn't a patriot

(10/01/17 5:22pm)

Trump demands National Football League players stand for the national anthem, because to him that is what real patriots do. He doesn't understand the first thing about being a patriot. His history shows that.

COLUMN: How do you have that difficult conversation with someone you once admired?

(09/27/17 6:58pm)

I’m having trouble with someone, because I think this person is racist. It’s not just me, other people noticed it too. They tried to talk to him about it, but he shrugged it off as if nothing happened. I know you are thinking the same thing I am, “He’s a racist. Why are you wasting your time?”

EDITORIAL: CMU moves towards a future in STEM while staying true to the liberal arts

(09/17/17 5:06pm)

Our reputation for being a teaching and liberal arts school has gradually passed because of the changing economy and nation. The emphasis on athletics and the STEM colleges, while downsizing the liberal arts colleges, has people nervous about the future. We agree CMU has to change and evolve overtime, but we can do that while staying true to our legacy of liberal arts.