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EDITORIAL: Budgeted imbalance

(07/19/11 5:30pm)

While CMU has done an admirable job of remaining fiscally conservative in most respects, it would do well to apply that conservatism a bit more liberally. During the board of trustees meeting last Thursday, university officials, specifically President George Ross and Vice President of Finance and Administrative Services David Burdette, touted the $429 million budget approved last week as a balanced triumph of solid fiscal sense. In many ways it was, managing to freeze the wages for several employee groups for the second year in a row, including several unions, as well as incorporating several other cuts to weather reduced state funding. At the same time, however, CMU is creating new, likely $200,000 a year or greater positions for the College of Medicine. The university has hired two deans, one replacing Dr. Nehad El-Sawi as associate dean of medical education and another, temporary position created specifically for Dr. Joel Lanphear. Lanphear interviewed along with Dr. Linda Perkowski for El-Sawi’s previous job.

UPDATE: College of Medicine hires fifth associate dean

(07/13/11 2:41pm)

Joel Lanphear, currently a consultant for the College of Medicine, will begin work as the college's fifth associate dean after Labor Day. Ernest Yoder, CMED dean, told CMU Board of Trustees members during the CMED committee meeting Wednesday Lanphear is critical to operations due to his previous experience and familiarity with developing and implementing medical curriculum "similar to ours."

UPDATE: College of Medicine hires new associate dean, two others

(07/12/11 6:25pm)

The position of associate dean of medical education has been filled according to internal communications from the University of Minnesota which were confirmed by University Provost Gary Shapiro. Dr. Linda C. Perkowski, who was the subject of an open forum April 21, has been hired to fill the position made available when Dr. Nehad El-Sawi vacated in January, according to a message from her current employer, the UMN Medical School, where she serves as associate dean for curriculum and evaluation.

Michigan Tech and CMU team up for entrepreneurship opportunities with new grant

(04/26/11 3:09pm)

Central Michigan University and Michigan Technological University’s School of Business and Economics will expand entrepreneurial opportunities and other academic relationships with a grant. Charles Crespy, dean of the College of Business Administration applied for an entrepreneurial grant with Michigan Tech. “They (CMU) did 99 percent of the work,” said Bob Mark, professor of practice for Michigan Tech.

CMU hosts open forum for second finalist to fill College of Medicine associate dean role

(04/21/11 4:18pm)

Dr. Linda Carol Perkowski said there are three important things in reaching her goal at Central Michigan University if chosen as associate dean for medical education and faculty development for the College of Medicine. “Community, commitment and curriculum will be the bases for the model,” the second of two for the position formerly occupied by Dr. Nehad El-Sawi told a crowd of 20 listeners Thursday in Health Professions Building 2255 during her open forum.

College of Medicine raises $11.5 million in gifts; staff hiring under way

(04/14/11 11:30pm)

University officials told the board of trustees Thursday that "significant progress" has been made with the College of Medicine — both financially and academically. The college is close to 50 percent of its $25-million fundraising goal and Dr. Ernest Yoder, founding dean of the College of Medicine, said the entire four-year curriculum design for the program will be completed soon.

Board approves increases in room and board rates to cover inflated costs; increases financial aid fund

(04/14/11 1:40pm)

Incoming freshmen for the 2011-12 school year will benefit from a $3.3 million increase in financial aid following board approval Thursday at the board of trustees meeting. “There will be an additional $3.3 million financial aid to meet a growing number of students,” University President George Ross said. “The whole budget will be finalized in July.” The financial aid budget totaled $28 million this school year.

Kathy Wilbur: College of Medicine nearing 50% of fundraising goal

(04/13/11 2:36pm)

The College of Medicine has raised nearly 50 percent of its $25-million fundraising goal. During a board of trustees committee meeting today, Kathy Wilbur, vice president of External Relations and Development, said gifts have come in from anonymous donors, which she told the board this is "common." By the July board meeting, she said she hopes to have additional "significant gifts" for the college.

25 percent of developing medical colleges delay submitting their LCME application

(04/13/11 5:45am)

Central Michigan University is not alone in delaying the College of Medicine by a year. Dr. Dan Hunt, Liasion Committee on Medical Education co-secretary from 2010-11, said about 25 percent of developing medical colleges delay submitting their LCME application and subsequently opening their schools for various reasons.

April 2007 to April 2011: The College of Medicine, from the beginning

(04/13/11 5:30am)

Trustee Dr. Sam Kottamasu first suggested a medical school at Central Michigan University on April 20, 2007 because the mid-Michigan area will see a shortage of up to 600 doctors in the near future. The board of trustees gave former-University President Michael Rao permission Dec. 6 of the same year to move forward with the proposal.

ALLEN: Cut from the top to invest in higher education

(04/12/11 10:15pm)

Central Michigan University President George Ross can question the validity and accuracy of the Detroit Free Press story published on March 27, all he wants, as I question the effectiveness of paying university administration huge salaries. This administration continues to raise our tuition and spend it on what, in my mind, are frivolous ventures such as a medical school. I see no controversy in this news report from the Detroit Free Press. I do see why the administration would argue it, because it makes them look bad, and CMU cannot have that.

CMU supports lifting cap on teaching hospitals' residencies, legislation proposed to change it

(04/12/11 5:30pm)

Third- and fourth-year medical students could be affected by a 1990s statute limiting residencies at teaching hospitals, leading schools such as Central Michigan University to advocate for a cap lift or increase. CMU and 16 other schools are in the beginning stages of acquiring accreditation for a new medical school, according to the Liaison Committee on Medical Education website. But with a projected shortage of physicians nationwide, some might wonder where all the new medical graduates will go unless action is taken on the cap.

El-Sawi's severance package consistent with 'normal' resignation standards

(04/12/11 2:00pm)

Sarah Opperman, board of trustees chairwoman, said severance packages are “normal” in response to the package given to Dr. Nehad El-Sawi for resigning from the College of Medicine in January. Opperman, during a meeting with the press after the Feb. 17 board meeting, said losing employees is unfortunate in any situation — either in business or at a public university. “Severance packages are very normal, especially for senior executives,” Opperman said. “It’s unfortunate when it happens, but it’s also how you get the quality of people you need."

First of two finalists to replace El-Sawi visits campus, gives vision for College of Medicine

(04/12/11 11:54am)

Dr. Joel Lanphear pitches his leadership style and vision as a potential associate dean of Medical Education and Faculty Development for the College of Medicine. During the first of two open forums on Monday in the Health Professions Building, he said his vision is transformational and focused on his commitment to social accountability and to appropriate educational processes.

College of Medicine associate dean finalist to visit Monday, has helped start 3 other medical schools

(04/07/11 4:13pm)

Dr. Joel Lanphear said he is looking forward to visiting Central Michigan University and discussing his hopes for the medical school. Lanphear, College of Medicine associate dean finalist, will speak at an open forum from 1 to 1:45 p.m. in the Health Professions Building room 2255 Monday. He said one of his strengths is that he has developed three start-up medical schools, and CMU would be his fourth. He said he has a background in leadership and helping individuals meet their own goals.

Open forums scheduled for two finalists to replace Dr. Nehad El-Sawi

(04/05/11 5:49pm)

Dr. Joel Lanphear and Dr. Linda Perkowski are the finalists of a national search for Central Michigan University’s College of Medicine associate dean/medical education position. The chosen candidate will replace Dr. Nehad El-Sawi, who was the associate dean for medical education and faculty development. El-Sawi tendered her resignation effective Jan. 25, according to an internal email sent by Provost E. Gary Shapiro.

LAMBRIGHT: Central Michigan University needs to capitalize on its opportunity for a creative writing master of fine arts program

(03/29/11 10:15pm)

Medical schools make for great headlines. But grandiose gestures aren’t always the best way to improve a university. I’m not opposed to putting new tools in Central Michigan University’s academic toolbox, but there are issues if we are not using the tools we have to their maximum potential —­­­­ building a medical school while postponing the creation of a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing program is doing just that.

Western Michigan University receives record-breaking donation for medical school project

(03/23/11 6:30am)

The largest cash gift ever given to a Michigan college or university was reportedly donated Tuesday to Western Michigan University’s School of Medicine. The donation of $100 million was announced Tuesday by WMU President John M. Dunn and the private medical college’s partners, Borgess and Bronson hospitals' respective chief executive officers, Paul Spaude and Frank Sardone.