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EDITORIAL: Stop bullying students

(04/07/15 10:00pm)

In the culmination of a semester-long struggle with Northern Michigan University's student newspaper, The North Wind, the paper's board denied to hire both its faculty adviser and the only applicant for editor in chief in a meeting on April 3.In recent months, The North Wind's student journalists had shifted their focus to hard-hitting, investigative work.

EDITORIAL: Give us a break

(03/26/15 10:00pm)

College students in the United States graduate with an average of $29,600 in debt, according to the Pew Research Center. Now think about the fact that students at Central Michigan University graduate with almost $3,000 more in debt than the national average. CMU's Office of Financial of Scholarships and Financial Aid can offer limited assistance with student debt, but only state lawmakers can actually take steps to alleviate financial burden placed on graduates.

EDITORIAL: More than just song and dance

(03/22/15 10:00pm)

As the 26th annual Celebrating Life Pow Wow took place on campus during the weekend, students, faculty and community members had the chance to do more than spectate.More than entertainment, the annual celebration is an opportunity for the Central Michigan University community to learn about the Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribal culture they are surrounded by. It is an opportunity that should not be missed. If we are going to wear, display and cheer the Chippewa name at sporting events, we have a duty to understand and respect the people and culture it represents.The Tribe, whose reservation was established in 1855, is an integral part of the university and surrounding community. CMU partners with the Tribe on several initiatives, from summer sports camps run by athletes and a mentoring program for tribal youth to education and training for all Athletics Department staff and student athletes.The Pow wow is organized by CMU's student-run Pow Wow Committee, and serves to further strengthen the relationship between the Tribe and university, bringing members and students together under one roof for celebration. The largest strength of the Pow wow lies in its ability to educate non-Native people and create deeper understanding between the Tribe and CMU community.All too often, non-Native people are presented with biased or negative images of Native Americans through modern media and sports culture.

Editorial: Support our Success

(03/17/15 10:49pm)

During the Feb. 18 Student Liaison Committee Meeting, the Student Government Association proposed an increase of $327,000 to the Campus Programming Fund.The Central Michigan University Budget Priorities Committee suggested the SGA lower their request to $150,000 before it is viewed by University President George Ross.The committee also made it clear that the majority of any additional funds ought to be placed where the most students would benefit, according to SGA President Chuck Mahone.

EDITORIAL: Student Parking not a problem

(02/19/15 10:00pm)

This year, the Student Government Association has created an online petition to bring parking issues to the attention of Central Michigan University Administration.Students have been complaining about parking for years, and will continue complaining for years to come.The fact is that student parking is not likely to change at this university, and it shouldn't.