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EDITORIAL: Sewing the threads of success

(09/16/15 10:00pm)

At a time when the university has made it clear that its priorities lie with academic research and supporting a financially-dependent college of medicine, a new Visual Merchandising Lab in Wightman Hall represents direct investment in student success.Construction for the lab was budgeted at $425,000, which included renovations and the addition of technology and furnishings. Michael Mamp, professor in the Fashion Merchandising and Design program, played a crucial role in renovation.

EDITORIAL: Let's talk, not argue

(09/13/15 10:21pm)

This summer, City Commissioners took actions to address common complaints made by residents who share their neighborhoods with students north of campus.They did so while most of Central Michigan University's student population returned home or left Mount Pleasant, demonstrating a lack of communication that has fostered contempt between the two groups for decades.During those meetings, the city commission approved several changes that will directly affect students – including hiring an additional code enforcement officer to police a student-populated zone known as the M-2 district.Those decisions were reached during a time of the year when few students were able participate in public discussions at open meetings.

EDITORIAL: Grant survivors proper care

(04/28/15 10:00pm)

Try to put yourself in the place of a person who has just experienced a sexual assault. You have just experienced physical trauma, you are being interviewed by the police and you are advised to get a medical examination, also called a rape kit. Because rape kits performed in Mount Pleasant are not done according to a specific established procedure, you are advised to go to either Saginaw or Midland for one that will hold up best in court.

EDITORIAL: Safeguard our campus

(04/26/15 10:00pm)

Graduate student Pradeep Gujjula was arraigned on Friday morning after being arrested for a fourth-degree criminal sexual assault of a Central Michigan University staff member.Central Michigan University Police Department officers determined Gujjula inappropriately the woman's chest the night of April 15 after asking to take a selfie photograph with her.

EDITORIAL: Why so hazy?

(04/19/15 8:35pm)

Students at Central Michigan University have voiced their opinions on medical marijuana use loud and clear. The Student Government Association, the representative voice of the student body, passed a bill supporting the possession of medical marijuana by students with chronic illnesses on March 30.The bill called for university students to be able to carry usable marijuana— in flower, edible and concentrate form—and paraphernalia on campus without fear of  punishment.

EDITORIAL: Stop discrimination

(04/16/15 10:00pm)

A 2013 study in Isabella County has revealed that racism and discrimination against Native Americans in our community is far from eradicated.Commissioned by the Isabella County Human Rights Committee and funded by the Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe, the study showed less than 15 percent of Native American participants had a positive opinion of Isabella County.

EDITORIAL: Stop bullying students

(04/07/15 10:00pm)

In the culmination of a semester-long struggle with Northern Michigan University's student newspaper, The North Wind, the paper's board denied to hire both its faculty adviser and the only applicant for editor in chief in a meeting on April 3.In recent months, The North Wind's student journalists had shifted their focus to hard-hitting, investigative work.