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COLUMN: Get the most out of Tinder by learning how to match like a pro


If you haven’t given Tinder a try, then you’re probably in the minority in the new age of dating.

The popular “dating” app lets you find your potential partners by “swiping” left or right — yes or no respectively — after browsing through photos and a bio of people in your area.

Though I’ve rarely met up with anyone from the app, I’ve definitely logged my fair share of swipes.

For every Tinder horror story I’ve experienced or heard from friends, I’ve heard tales of happy couples who met their “Tinderella.”

Meeting someone based off of a minimal profile doesn’t sound appealing, at least for me. But the app keeps me coming back because of the hilarious profiles other people put together. Whenever I’m bored and have a spare minute, I pull up the app and am either impressed by hilarious, witty bios or shocked into laughter at outright failures.

Everyone has their own taste, but if you’re looking for advice on how to earn more matches, consider the following tips from a Tinder regular.

DON’T: Use exclusively group photos on your profile. How are people supposed to know who you are? Including one or two group pictures is good — it shows you’re social and proves you take photos of yourself beyond mirror selfies. But including a few photos of just yourself is essential so people know who they’re swiping for.

DO: Include pictures of you and your pet if you have one. Pets are universally loved. Most importantly, if someone doesn’t like your pet, then you don’t want to match with them anyway. Tinder dates come and go, but your love for your pet is priority No. 1.

DON’T: Include pictures of you with a young child if the child is not your son or daughter. It doesn’t matter how much you love your little sibling or cousin, people will always assume it’s your kid — even if you write a disclaimer in your bio. For people with kids who are on Tinder, more power to you, but the target user of the app will be quick to swipe left at the thought of such a commitment.

DO: Make your bio interesting. If I had a dime for every bio that reads: “looking for someone to adventure with,” I would have enough money to buy my own meal at Olive Garden every weekend and not entertain the idea of going on a Tinder date to have someone pick up my bill. You have a small space to talk yourself up — use it. Profiles with no bio force people to make snap judgements on photos alone.

DON’T: Overtly express your political views in your bio. Even if someone has the same political opinions as me, I find this annoying. Let politics dominate a heated debate once you find a significant other you’ve been with longer than it takes my thumb to hover over your profile and swipe left.

DO: Keep an open mind and understand that everyone has different goals when using Tinder. The app is used by a wide variety of people who are interested in everything from pursuing a committed relationship, a one-night stand, or just getting free dinner and a movie. Be straightforward about expectations and swipe away.


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