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CRIME LOG: CMU bike thief arrested, reportedly linked to five bicycle-related larcenies

The following incidents were among those handled by the Mount Pleasant Police Department and Central Michigan University Police Department from Aug. 31 to Sept. 7. 

Aug. 31

CMUPD responded to a harassment incident at Fabiano Hall. An individual was receiving unwanted contact from someone they knew in high school. After CMUPD arrived, the two individuals agreed to have no further contact. No charges are being pressed.

Sept. 1

A city police officer stopped a car at the intersection of Mission Street and East Pickard Road after noticing the plates were expired. The 47-year-old Mount Pleasant man did not have his insurance and attempted to use his brother's ID. There was a 35-year-old Mt. Pleasant woman in the passenger seat who was asked to get out of the car for a search. Officers found a cloth and underneath it, there was a container of methamphetamine. The female was then arrested for a violation of a controlled substance.  The man was charged for driving an unregistered vehicle and with a suspended license while also falsely informing a police officer.

About 4 p.m. MPPD officers went to a parking lot on Broadway Street to investigate a suspicious person. Officers found the man had a warrant out for his arrest in Indiana. He arrested and his backpack was searched. Officers found used meth baggies and drug paraphernalia. He was taken to Isabella County Jail for an outstanding warrant and a violation of a controlled substance.

Sept. 2

An ex-boyfriend made unwanted contact with an ex-girlfriend in Kessler Hall. After CMUPD arrived, the man admitted to harassment and sending excessive messages, agreeing not to harass her again. 

Sept. 4

While investigating a separate breaking and entering incident, CMUPD arrested a 26-year-old male connected to five different bicycle larcenies. In his possession, CMUPD recovered:

  • A bike that was reported stolen on Aug. 19 outside of Calkins Hall
  • A tire rim that was reported stolen off a bike on Aug. 28
  • A bike that was reported stolen on Sept. 2 outside of Larzelere Hall
  • A bike that was reported stolen in 2016
  • A $1,200 bike that was likely stolen but has no reports related to it

Besides the $1,200 bike, the stolen property has been reunited with its original owners. 

Sept. 5

CMUPD responded to a domestic violence incident at Timber Creek Apartments. The incident involved a 17-year-old, his sister and his girlfriend -- sparked by a disagreement over a cellphone. The boy pushed one of the women and put the other in a headlock and slammed her onto a bed. There were no serious injuries. The man was arrested and taken to the Isabella County Jail for domestic violence.

Sept. 6

An officer recognized a man on a bicycle on East Lansing Street around 5 p.m. The officer knew that he had an outstanding warrant out for his arrest. The officer searched the 28-year-old Detroit man's backpack and found a plastic bag containing crystal methamphetamine and a pipe with white residue in it. The man was taken to Isabella County Jail for his warrant and further charged with a violation of a controlled substance.

Sept. 7

A CMU employee was emailed by someone who appeared to be his department chair. The email told him to purchase $300 worth of iTunes gift cards. The employee purchased the gift cards but realized it was a scam before sending a photo of the iTunes codes to the scammer. The employee is now working with iTunes to get a refund for the unused gift cards.  

Around 6 p.m. MPPD officers were called to the corner of Main and Broadway streets to break up a fight between a man and a woman. Witnesses said they saw the man throw a plate at the woman and started hitting her in the head. Officers were able to track them to an apartment. Officers called in an ambulance for the woman because she was experiencing head and neck pain. The 40-year-old Harrison man was arrested for domestic violence and taken to Isabella County Jail.