District manager says Popeyes could open next week

Popeyes' exterior on Nov. 11

Popeyes Louisiana Chicken, located on the corner of North Mission and East High Street, is working hard to open its doors to the Mount Pleasant community in the coming week.

Popeyes is back in Mount Pleasant for the second time, using the same location its had before its closure in 2017. Tikki Pineapple occupied the space for the last year.

In 2017, Popeyes Louisiana Chicken was bought by Restaurant Brands International (RBI) for $1.8 billion. The change in parent company has been pushed to expand Popeyes by 3,000 outlets worldwide, according to Forbes.

District manager Jorge Cabrera said that the RBI purchase has allowed for more Popeyes locations to open/re-open in Mid-Michigan. The new franchise owner for the Mount Pleasant location as well as the design of the location are why they’re back in Mount Pleasant.

“Next week Tuesday (Nov. 17) we have the health inspection so hopefully we can open next Thursday (Nov. 19) or Friday (Nov. 20),” Cabrera said.

The interior and exterior of the building are nearly complete. Workers are finishing the re-design of the location while newly hired employees are making the final touches in preparation for the health inspection.

Cabrera said if Popeyes doesn’t open on the dates above to expect them to in the following week.

“Our general manager has hired quite a lot of employees, but we’re still hiring since we’re not open and not 100% yet, we just want to be prepared,” Cabrera said.

For employment information, visit Popeyes' website, or call/text (630)-841-0606.

Popeyes is open from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. every day of the week according to its website.