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Academic Senate votes to allow HyFlex to remain a separate, permanent modality


The Academic Senate approved a motion to allow HyFlex modality to become a permanent option for class modality in the curricular process during the Feb. 16 meeting. 

Passing this motion means that even after the pandemic is over classes may still be approved for the use of HyFlex modality through the curricular process. 

"This is an effort to ensure that HyFlex is designated as a modality and that it is offered at the discretion of departments and subject to review and the curricular process," said Senator Brittany Fremion. 

When asked about plans of returning the campus population density to normal, Provost Mary Schutten said it will depend on how soon vaccinations can be distributed. In addition she told professors to plan to continue to socially distance in future classes.

Schutten cited information on vaccines from the Chief Medical Executive for the State of Michigan Dr. Joneigh Khaldun, saying that vaccines will likely not be widely available to the community until October 2021.

"We have a plan to re-densify, but we're not doing so until we're completely safe," said Schutten. "Masks and social distancing will still be key in our next year."

Other Business

  • The Senate approved the creation of a formal committee to review student applicants with criminal/disciplinary history marked on their admission application.
  • The Senate approved a motion to allow students working towards Masters degrees to have the option in the future of creating a book instead of a thesis, dissertation or doctoral project.
  • The Senate voted to approve a policy change to prevent students from registering for a class when they  have a current outstanding "Incomplete" grade for that same class.

Academic Senate meetings are live-streamed to the public every other Tuesday and recorded on the CMU homepage.