“Latines in the Workforce” event to promote diversity and leadership


Central Michigan University is hosting “Latines in the Workforce” as part of its annual Hispanic Heritage Month. The event will be held by the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers at 6 p.m. on Sept. 30 in Room 224 in the Engineering Technology Building. 

Katya Dominguez, the society’s coordinator for the event, said it will highlight the work of Latines in the community and beyond.

According to Dominguez, in recent years, the growth of Latines entering higher education has increased more than ever before. As this number continues to grow, Latines will make up an even larger impact in the national and global economy. 

The event will show Latines and others in the community how to take on leadership roles and continue the message, Dominguez said.

“We are at the cusp of this change; we more and more see how the lack of diverse leadership is unrepresentative of the growing diversity of the student population,” Dominguez said. “More importantly, we understand how it can burden students, especially minority students, and make them feel alone. You can't become what you don't see.”

Dominguez said she encourages all students to attend this Hispanic Heritage Month Event as well as the others.

“We decided to host this event in order to try to inspire the community to make a change,” Dominguez said. 

A full calendar of events for Hispanic Heritage Month is available on the Multicultural Academic Student Services website.