Academic Senate discusses changing CMU's mission statement, honors investigation

Provost Nancy Mathews gives a report during an Academic Senate meeting on Sept. 27 in the French Auditorium.

During a very brief meeting, the Academic Senate discussed strategic planning, an investigation committee and requirements for undergraduate certificate programs. 

In Provost Nancy Mathews' report to the senate, she said Central Michigan University will be changing its mission statement and other strategic plans. So far, the process has involved a workshop with the board of trustees, administrators, faculty and students, her report said. 

One of the focuses, Mathews said, will be identifying what makes CMU different from other universities. This strategy is being lead by President Bob Davies and the board of trustees, she said.  

"What they are aiming to do is help the university refocus its mission and vision on something that is relevant," Mathews said. 

Changes to the university-wide strategic plan will also include changes at the college and department level, she said. The planning process could include events like town hall meetings and open forums for the CMU community to give their feedback, Mathews said.

Chair Tracy Davis announced the senate is still looking for committee members "to investigate changes made to the Honors Program” and how they affected students. The committee was created because of a proposal passed at the May 3 senate meeting. There were two parts to the proposal:

1. The senate chair will create a committee to investigate changes made to the Honors Program. The committee will report its findings to the senate's executive board by Nov. 8, 2022.

2. For at least two years, a representative of the senate's executive board will be appointed to the Honors Council to "facilitate timely compliance with the requirements and limitations of the charge of the Honors Council and Honors Program."

Davis said interested volunteers can email her at 

The senate also approved changes to the required number of credits for getting an undergraduate certificate. The minimum credits required is now nine instead of 12. 

Davis said the change was made for the sake of consistency because graduate certificate programs already have the same requirement.

Mathews' report also said CMU is no longer requiring its students to prove they are up to date on their COVID-19 vaccinations for study abroad programs. However, students should still be aware which countries and host programs require vaccinations, Mathews said.

The change was made to be consistent with CMU's policies and with other universities, Mathews said.  

Academic Senate meetings are held from 3:30 to 5 p.m. bi-weekly on Tuesdays in the French Auditorium. The next meeting will be Oct. 11.

Live stream and recording links can be found on the senate website.