SGA elects 11 senators

Student Government Association's (SGA) eleven newly elected senators taking oath of office during the emergency elections meeting on Sept. 26 at the Bovee University Center Auditorium.

On Sept. 26 Central Michigan University's Student Government Association elected 11 senators and a speaker of the house at its emergency senate elections meeting. 

  • Senior, Ella Guikema
  • Sophomore, Jolie Chene 
  • Freshman, Mitchell Basham 
  • Senior, Nova Moore 
  • Junior, Yina Todd
  • Senior, Joe Monetta 
  • Junior, Alyssa Heerding 
  • Senior, Rwanda Jenkins 
  • Junior, Tyler Thompson 
  • Sophomore, Christian Toney 
  • Sophomore, Shreya Abraham 

After the election, the house and senate split into their own meetings. 

During the senate meeting a new Senate Leader, Christian Toney, was appointed. Toney will appoint a Senate Leader Pro Tempore next week.

During the house meeting a new speaker of the house was voted in. Out of three nominees, Ashley Harvey, a third-year student, was elected into office. 

“I work in the SAI office as a social media coordinator, so I am very qualified ... working with a student affairs perspective for this school,” she said. 

The Nonprofit Leadership Student Alliance (NLSA) is holding it's fourth annual “Find Your Why” seminar from 4 to 7:30 p.m. on Sept. 29. 

For more information about SGA meetings visit Engage Central.