Meet the candidates for Michigan's 92nd House district: Anthony Feig


Courtesy of Anthony Feig

Geography and environmental studies faculty member Anthony Feig is running for a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Editor's note: In the interest of fairness, Central Michigan Life contacted Feig's opponents, Jerry Neyer and Gregory Black to interview them. Black could not be contacted as of deadline. This article is not an endorsement.

Anthony Feig is the Democratic nominee running for Michigan’s 92nd House district, which includes parts of Isabella and Gratiot counties and the municipalities of Mount Pleasant, Alma, and St. Louis. He is also a faculty member of geography and environment studies at Central Michigan University. 

In an email response to Central Michigan Life, Feig said he’s running because he believes the people are the government and that it shouldn’t be a faceless entity. 

“I feel a strong sense of responsibility to our community here, and I want to give back, as a true public servant. I'm running because I care about all the people who live here, and believe we all deserve a better future”, he said. 

Feig said if he were to be elected his priorities would include protecting abortion rights, protecting voting rights, ensuring land and water resources are properly maintained and improving educational opportunities for his constituents. 

When asked what particular experiences or skills have prepared him to serve as a state house representative, Feig said that as a scientist, he is trained to think holistically and critically about problems and that he applies scientific habits to solve them. He also mentioned that by being an educator he is skilled in listening and serving others, especially those considered to be in vulnerable populations. 

“I understand that workers are the backbone of America and we deserve safe, equitable workplaces, and employers must offer good wages and benefits," Feig said. 

He said he believes in public service and in being accountable for the people. Prior representatives have largely been unavailable to citizens in past years and he said he wants to change that. 

“I have been out every single day knocking doors, meeting the people of our district, and hearing that they want better public schools, clean and safe water, protections for their freedoms of choice and right to vote and an economy that contains real opportunities for both businesses and workers,” Feig said. 

According to his website, Feig said that he strongly believes in the Tribal sovereignty of the Indigenous people of the district and is committed to being a voice for them both in legislation and policy. 

Feig also said that he intends on taking a leave of absence from CMU during his term if elected.