Students to host Black Leaders Who Create Change event


Kulhavi hall on Feb. 10.

At 6 p.m. on Feb. 13, Central Michigan University's Multicultural Academic Student Services (MASS) will be hosting "Black Leaders Who Create Change" in the Kulhavi Lobby, room 141.

The event is free and open to all staff and students. 

CMU students, freshman Vincent Vargas and senior Malcom Vinson, will be facilitating the evening. 

“I find there’s a lot of Black leaders that no one really knows about,” Vargas said. 

The event is a Kahoot that speaks about overlooked leaders in the Black community that started out small, but made impacts on the world we live in today, according to Engage Central. Vinson said the purpose of this event is to shine light on these leaders and some of their contributions to society and know that change is accessible. 

“I feel like a lot of people feel like they need to do something super elaborate in order to create change, which is kind of overwhelming and people kind of shy away from taking on leadership roles because of that. It's also supposed to just get people inspired to even make small changes, because small changes are still important,” Vinson said.

Vargas said the event will give opportunities for students to learn how they can create change whether it’s being an ally, supporting their own community, or learning about Black leaders they have never heard about. 

“To know that a lot of these Black leaders were, some of them were like, 16, 18, even I think we have some, like younger ones that were like 12. They're creating this change, and they're starting small, but they're making change and a lot of the students on campus can really do that too,” Vargas said.