Ring Masters Episode 2 - Smackdown with Sean Lathrop

The Ringmasters team up with special guest and local wrestling commentator Sean Lathrop. They talk both brands and make predictions on the upcoming Smackdown Backlash Pay-Per-View.

Intro/Outro: Incursion by Machinimasound

Central Headlines Episode 1 - Cuba

Central Headlines brings guest Professor Brad Eidahl and host, Zara Ahmad, on to talk about the US relationship with Cuba.

Intro/Outro: Northern Express - Ross Bugden

Raving Geeks - A New Hope

Raving Geeks is back for its third season featuring Ben Solis, Kelsey Cavazos, and new host Jordyn Hermani. This episode they talk about Gene Wilder, Star Wars, Pokemon GO, and Suicide Squad.

Intro/Outro: Epic Hero Music - Mikhael Bureau

Ring Masters Episode 1 - Back in the Ring

Ringmasters returns to CMU with hosts Jamison Galloway and Grant LeFaive. They talk Owens' title win on Raw, upcoming pay-per-views and both WWE brands.

Intro/Outro: Incursion by Machinimasound

Maroon and Bold: Episode 1

Sports editors Taylor DesOrmeau and Andrew Surma discuss CMU sports, bring in guests and lead the conversation around Mount Pleasant

Raving Geeks: Some Kind of Suicide Squad

In this weeks episode your hosts Ben Solis, Kelsey Cavazos, and Tyler discuss the latest Suicide Squad trailer and discuss all things in the DC tv universe. We also tell you want we want to see on the silver screen.

Pass the Aux Cord: Oldies and Newies

In this weeks episode, your hosts Jordyn Hermani and Kate Carlson compare newer songs to their older counterparts and discover where they got this inspiration. We take a look at some of The Beatles, Frank Sinatra, and Lou Reed.

Interview with SGA Leadership

Editor-in-Chief Malachi Barrett and Opinion Editor Dominick Mastrangelo sit down with Student Government Association President Chuck Mahone and Vice President Maggie Blackmer to discuss goals for the spring semester and challenges faced by the association as a whole.

Remembering David Bowie

Headline Central: Exam Study Tips

Host Dominic Demark sits down with Lauren and Lizzy to discuss study tips for finals week.

Raving Geeks: Ben Gets Duped

In this week's episode your hosts Malachi Barrett and Ben Solis welcome Sydney Smith to the podcast to talk about why Jessica Jones is a feminist show. We also air our grievances and Ben knows nothing about the Battle of Didgori

The Ringmasters E06

The ringmasters get down and dirty with this week in wrestling. The final Ringmasters episode of 2015 features analysis of WWE's recent booking decisions and ratings loss. Hear our predictions for the upcoming TLC event and the latest news in the industry. Happy Holidays from the Ringmasters.

Horror Central: A Season in Review

For the final episode, Kelsey, Ryan, and Rudi take a look back at this past season and, like always, talk about some of our favorite Horror films.

The Ringmasters Episode 05

This week, The Ringmasters interview IWE champion "Black Diamond" Jack Price on his career and fan connection. They also discuss Monday NightRaw and the hype leading up to TLC later this month.

Gridiron Guys Episode 13

In this week's episode your hosts Dominick Mastrangelo and Taylor DesOrmeau discuss last week's game against Eastern Michigan. We also take a look at potential bowl games for the Chips.

The Ringmasters Episode 4

Adrian and Grant are back with another exciting episode of The Ringmasters.

Horror Central: Stephen King

In this week's episode your hosts Kelsey Cavazos, Rudi Parker, and Ryan McCary discuss two Stephen King short short and novel adaptations It and The Mist. We also give you our Top 3 Stephen King Adaptations.

Raving Geeks: Thanksgiving Gripes

In this week's episode your hosts Ben Solis and Malachi Barrett talk about what pisses them off. We find out what really sets them off. Tyler is late, the weather sucks, and The Gambit movie.

Gridiron Guys Episode 12

In this week's episode your hosts Dominick Mastrangelo and Taylor DesOrmeau discuss this Friday's game against Eastern. We also take a look at our season record.

Pass The Aux Cord: Christmas

Jordyn and Kate are back with another epic playlist. This week's playlist, Christmas songs that don't suck.