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GUEST COLUMN: My opinion on being a snowflake

(03/22/19 6:26pm)

I wake up in the morning and hazily make coffee, begrudgingly put on jeans and a t-shirt that I pull out of the dryer, and sleepily make my way out the door. I go to classes for my final — most challenging semester. Between calculus, German, and neuroanatomy, I have not much time unaccounted for. I see my boyfriend in the transition between his classes, and I proceed to make my way to work. After a few hours of rigorous lab preparation, I find myself driving home, probably bopping in my car to some lame country song that was popular before I was old enough to remember its release. What makes me so special?

GUEST COLUMN: Free speech for all, even racists and transphobes

(02/22/19 6:50pm)

During November 2018 this campus was absolutely rocked by two incidents where there were inappropriate messages written on white boards. The white board that had “fuck u black monkey whores” written on it was attached to the door with a marker magnetized to it. The other white board that had “piece of shit transie RA” written on it was directly outside of the resident assistant’s door with a marker provided as well.