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Mayor: City's long term goals reflected in decision to reject rezoning

(02/22/17 7:06pm)

TO THE EDITOR: I read with interest Monday’s editorial concerning the decision to turn down a request to rezone the former SBX building from its current C-1 (commercial) zone to M-2 (multiple family). While I disagree with the editorial’s position that it would have been better if we had approved the request, I do agree with some of the key points made in the editorial. I completely agree the decision does not in any way assure Kaya Coffee House will be able to continue operating in its current location.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Faculty in English Department concerned by ongoing CHSBS budget cuts

(02/14/17 1:37pm)

TO THE EDITOR: In your recent print article “Faculty concerned due to budget cuts, immigration ban and future of research,” you misquoted my colleague Tracy Collins, claiming that she said the English Department’s budget is now only just less than 10 percent higher than it was a decade ago.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: CM Life’s sexual assault story should be reprinted each year

(09/28/16 11:05am)

TO THE EDITOR:Two years ago Central Michigan Life welcomed students with a very serious warning in its article "The Red Zone: Addressing Sexual Assaults in the First Months of Campus Life.”The article states "the first six to eight weeks of the school year, women are more likely to be sexually assaulted." This should be published every year as students arrive on campus.Central Michigan University should be commended for making it mandatory for students to take the CampusClarity's online course, "Think About It," which addresses sexual misconduct, substance abuse and healthy relationships.

LETTER: All members of society must work together to ease diversity tension

(04/17/16 5:09pm)

TO THE EDITOR: Response to opinion column “Those who speak on white privilege in need of a reality check” by Columnist, Ben Solis, published on April 11, 2016 in Central Michigan Life.First, I would like to thank Mr. Solis for his column and opening another avenue for dialogue on Central Michigan Universities campus about all inequality issues, including issues related to discrimination based on race, gender, ability or sexual orientation.