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Student Government Association Vice President Anna Dvorak resigns 7 days after inauguration; Killian Richeson sworn in

(03/26/12 7:56pm)

[caption id="attachment_109336" align="aligncenter" width="560" caption="Former SGA President Vincent Cavataio, left, swears in new SGA Vice President Killian Richeson, right, after former Vice President Anna Dvorak resigned 7 days after her inauguration.

EDITORIAL: City Commission should support anti-discrimination ordinance

(02/29/12 8:00am)

City Commission has the opportunity to join in the fight against discrimination, and it should jump at the chance. More than 150 people attended Monday's City Commission meeting to hear a formal presentation on a proposed anti-discrimination ordinance. Spectrum — a Central Michigan University registered student organization representing the LGBTQ community — and the Student Government Association were among the CMU groups to back the measure. The ordinance, intended to protect the basic rights individuals are guaranteed to live freely in their pursuit of happiness in all Mount Pleasant facilities and businesses, is long overdue. Mount Pleasant is behind much of Michigan as the only college town without any protection like this.

City Commission gets detail-oriented over proposed anti-discrimination law; SGA approves bill supporting ordinance

(02/14/12 3:33pm)

Jurisdiction and other details were at the forefront of city commissioners’ concerns at a special work session Monday amid discussion over a proposed anti-discrimination ordinance. The law, intended to be an all-inclusive rule preventing discriminatory acts at the local level, was first proposed by a group of city residents in November. On Monday, City Attorney Scott Smith, who’s contracted out of a Grand Rapids law firm, broke down the components of a draft ordinance the movement’s leaders provided last year, spurring several questions over its components and efficiency. The work session was only the first of several steps expected over the next few months, preceding a formal presentation Feb.

EDITORIAL: SGA missing opportunity for relevance

(02/13/12 8:00am)

These are stormy times for Central Michigan University. Strife between faculty and administration has left a rift between the two in which students find themselves floundering. Now, more than ever, students need leadership who we can feel confident is looking out for our concerns when professors and administrators give us conflicting messages about who to trust. It was, and still is, a golden opportunity for the Student Government Association to attain long-elusive relevance with their constituent student body; an opportunity its executives have thus far done their best to squander. Instead of taking a firm stand on the Faculty Association contract conflict, the SGA simply released a statement saying, “We are on the side of the students,” and took no further action. The strongest allies in the world are not much good if instead of aid and guidance they send press releases.

Unicameral proposal comes under fire at SGA meeting

(01/30/12 10:30pm)

The Student Government administration faced heavy opposition on Monday night as students raised their voices about a proposal to restructure the Student Government Association. After SGA Vice President and Brighton junior Colleen McNeely reintroduced the proposal for a new unicameral system during the SGA meeting, hands began to rise throughout the auditorium. A unicameral system would disband the house and relocate all of the governmental power to the senate, where a student-elected committee of senator representatives would handle governmental affairs.

Gender-neutral housing policy continues to work on case-by-case basis, students unsure if language was added

(01/09/12 7:00am)

After the creation of a gender-neutral housing proposal last year and support from Central Michigan University's Student Government Association, many students remain unsure of the current state of the housing policy. The proposal was introduced in late 2010 before the Office of Residence Life said that language would be added to the housing policy to better accommodate transgender students.

Dean of students has 'full confidence' in SGA president taking PR internship

(01/06/12 2:21pm)

The interim Dean of Students and director of Student Life at Central Michigan University says he does not consider Student Government Association President Vincent Cavataio's new public relations internship a conflict of interest. Tony Voisin, named interim Dean of Students in August, said Thursday that he has "full confidence" in Cavataio's ability to juggle SGA president and a public relations internship. "I think his schedule at this point very much will accommodate this type of experience for him," Voisin said.

SGA president Vincent Cavataio takes PR internship with CMU facilities management

(01/03/12 3:47pm)

The Student Government Association president at Central Michigan University has taken an internship with the university's facilities management office. Shelby Township senior Vincent Cavataio, elected president of the CMU Student Government Association in April, recently accepted a public relations internship focusing on sustainable energy with CMU Facilities Management, Cavataio confirmed Tuesday to Central Michigan Life.

George Ross holds Q&A session with Student Government Association

(11/16/11 7:00am)

University President George Ross said Central Michigan University “can’t be everything to everybody” Monday to members of the Student Government Association. Ross began by discussing Academic Prioritization, the process in which Provost Gary Shapiro ranked every academic program on a scale of 1 to 5, with input from college deans and faculty. “We are legally obligated to make sure you will complete your major,” he said.