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EDITORIAL: Living sustainably should be a part of everyone's life

(12/03/15 12:24pm)

Former Central Michigan University president Michael Rao established the Campus Sustainability Advisory Committee in 2008 due to the "immediate need for a coordinated effort to address sustainability issues."Since then, more than 100 energy-optimization projects have been implemented, saving $10.8 million and making great strides in creating a culture of sustainability, but this effort will always be challenged by the growing size of campus and amount of energy used by students.Conservation projects have reduced energy costs despite the addition of thousands of square feet to campus.

COLUMN: NBA 2K16 is worth the money

(12/02/15 6:03pm)

The NBA regular season tipped off just about a month ago, but NBA 2K season is in full swing for third and fourth generation console users worldwide.In the 17th installment of this gaming franchise, NBA 2K16 delivers on many levels and continues to be the best choice on the market for basketball gamers.I’m here to say that it is more than just a $60 roster update like many sports games have become.

EDITORIAL: Black Friday home games a cheap end to a great season

(11/30/15 9:09am)

The Athletics Department announced an attendance figure of 8,049 fans in Kelly/Shorts Stadium, though their estimates usually run slightly larger than the true amount.Not only do these games only bring a slight revenue for the school due to ESPN coverage, this game scheduling makes no sense for the team and viewers.

COLUMN: High expectations needed for our future leaders

(11/29/15 7:41pm)

Since the day we were born, we have grown up in a society that relentlessly preached and encouraged a strong foundational belief in the irrational theory, "time is money." No wonder it seems absurd to us to prioritize precious minutes of relaxation to sit down, turn on the news and catch up on current events or to devote just a couple moments of our daily lives to researching political topics of interest to help develop educated opinions.Young adults, especially between the ages of 18-20, have consistently produced the lowest percentage of the overall voter turnout in our country’s elections.

EDITORIAL: Additional Counseling Center staff needed to serve students

(11/19/15 8:26am)

A record-number of students seeking help at the Counseling Center means some will not receive the counseling they need until the spring semester.Demand for mental health services in the fall semester is at an all-time high and Central Michigan University does not have enough counselors to deal with the influx.

COLUMN: Only education can cool the tensions in Europe

(11/16/15 11:25am)

In January, I wrote my first and only column responding to the terrorist attack on French satire magazine Charlie Hebdo, which claimed the lives of 12 satirists and five others in the Ile-de-France region.I’m extremely saddened to be writing another.Saddened not only for the abnormally large and unnecessary loss of life around the world, Friday, but because the past week has shown tensions between races and religions have only grown more severe since the Charlie Hebdo shooting.

EDITORIAL: Student concerns are valid

(11/16/15 10:27am)

After a week that featured several on-campus demonstrations and the first meeting of a task force between students, city officials, law enforcement and Mount Pleasant residents, the generational gap in this college town began to show its depth.While about vastly different topics, these events ignited passionate debate between students who feel that their voices are not being heard, and residents who don't think their concerns are valid.

COLUMN: Guidelines on reporting tragedy

(11/04/15 4:40pm)

I was the one who performed the reporting on Michael's death last year. In the wake of another public loss at Central Michigan University, I find myself running into some of the same ethical and emotional distress that comes with trying to lead the discussion on something so heartbreaking.I decided it would be a good idea to write a column about how Central Michigan Life reports on tragedies to explain to some students who have been upset with our coverage.I do hope we were able to do some good and are on that path again this year.In the coming months, the Michigan State Police investigation may reveal that there were other factors that contributed to Tsatsos' death.