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Mahone, Urueta win SGA presidential race with 75 percent of the vote

(04/06/14 11:58pm)

Charles Mahone was speechless when he was told he would be representing the students of Central Michigan University next fall as president of the Student Government Association. Mahone and running mate Mariah Urueta were elected SGA president and vice president with 75 percent of the total vote in the 2014 SGA elections, which ended Friday at midnight. “I feel so blessed and grateful that so many voted for us,” Mahone said.

Charles Mahone, Mariah Urueta win SGA election

(04/05/14 10:46am)

Candidate Charles Mahone has been elected president of the Student Government Association. SGA elections officially ended Friday at midnight with Mahone and running mate Mariah Urueta receiving 75 percent of the vote. A total of 1,704 students voted in the presidential election. The following students were also elected to positions for next year’s SGA. Treasurer Taylor Gehrcke: 88 percent. College of Business senators (3): Andrew Brown: 45 percent. Stephen Dunn: 23 percent. Eric Ostrowski: 31 percent. College of Education and Human Services senators (3): Joe Frey: 42 percent. Michael Greco: 22 percent. Chelsea Green: 34 percent. College of Communication and Fine Arts senators (3): Michael Fenner: 91 percent. College of Graduate Studies and College of Medicine senators (2): William Joseph: 87 percent. College of Health Professions senators (3): Lissette Rosado: 98 percent College of Humanities and Social and Behavioral Sciences senators (4): Rebecca Detroyer: 25 percent. Brynn McDonnell: 19 percent. Samuel McNerney: 13 percent. Miguel Olivera: 12 percent. College of Science and Technology senators (4): Shanice Chandler: 31 percent. Audra Flores: 38 percent. Vincent Roncelli: 30 percent. Undecided and Global Campus senators (2): Joel Maki: 72 percent. Kaye Reimers: 27 percent.

SGA election sees larger day one turnout than previous year

(04/01/14 4:54pm)

Editor's note: This article has been updated to change an inaccuracy. The first day of voter turnout for the Student Government Association's elections surpassed the total number from last year's opening day. Within the first 24 hours of the week-long vote, more than 800 students logged onto OrgSync and voted in the presidential race while close to 700 students participated in last year's vote. "It's great to see students really getting involved, putting their opinions out there and voting," said Elections Director Kelly Schiess.

War of the words: SGA presidential candidates go head-to-head one week before elections

(03/25/14 11:58pm)

Monday evening's Student Government Association presidential debate was a political battlefield as candidates unleashed a vernacular bombardment on one another. Students donning campaign buttons and carrying support signs packed into Anspach 162 to hear the presidential and vice presidential candidates answer questions about their platforms. The candidates were asked predetermined questions for the first half of the debate and questions from students posted on the SGA Twitter account, @CMUSGA, for the second half. “We are ready to represent you,” said presidential candidate Charles Mahone as he gave his opening remarks to the audience.

EDITORIAL: What have you done for us lately?

(03/23/14 11:58pm)

The loudest voice for social change on Central Michigan University’s campus is telling us that we’re all going to Hell. Soulwinners Ministries has repeatedly sent boisterous representatives to campus – using less-than-polite language – to spread its version of the gospel and to help “exhort campus ministries to biblical holiness and evangelization.” While anyone with a message to send is entitled to their right to deliver it, it’s alarming that radical viewpoints – one that most students appear to disagree with – can serve as the predominant voice on a campus of nearly 20,000 students. College campuses, filled with generations of future politicians and industry leaders, have traditionally served as the breeding grounds for social change.

Meet the candidates for the 2014-15 SGA elections

(03/04/14 11:24pm)

Candidates for the upcoming Student Government Association elections were announced at the general board meeting Monday night. Students running for office now begin their campaigns leading up to the elections March 31 to April 4. SGA President Marie Reimers is running for reelection with treasurer Margaret Blackmer as vice president. They are running against Senate leader Charles Mahone and House leader Mariah Urueta. During her first term, Reimers worked on a number of projects that are still in progress, including the Campus Programming Fund reform.

Student signatures no longer needed to run for SGA senate

(02/18/14 11:28am)

Students who desire to be elected senators no longer have to roam campus looking for signatures to be placed on the ballot. The Student Government Association made the announcement on its Facebook page and during Monday evening’s general board meeting. In previous years, students had to collect 250 signatures from other students on campus to be placed on the ballot during the spring elections.

SGA House passes amendment of marijuana policy, Senate tables resolution

(02/11/14 11:58pm)

A new resolution passed by the Student Government Association's House of Representatives might change Central Michigan University's policy on the penalty for marijuana possession. The legislation, presented by Student Advocates for Medical and Recreational Cannabis, passed the House on Monday but after debating for 45 minutes, was tabled by the Senate until the SGA meeting next week. The resolution would amend Residence Life's policy to no longer classify marijuana as a controlled substance.

SGA fills five of eight open senator seats

(01/28/14 11:58pm)

The Student Government Association held Senate elections Monday evening to fill vacant seats, but was unable to fill every opening. There were eight open seats to be filled in the 23-seat Senate, but only five candidates sought a seat and were elected, leaving three vacant positions. “It’s a shame we didn’t have enough (candidates), but this happens sometimes in the spring,” said SGA President Marie Reimers after the election. To fill the remaining seats, the Senate will have to vote to open another election.

EDITORIAL: S.O.S: Support our Senate

(01/28/14 11:58pm)

The Student Government Association is one of the largest advocates for student interests on campus, but sometimes finding students to serve in the organization can be a challenge. According to its mission statement, SGA is dedicated to inspiring improvement throughout the community by providing and promoting advocacy among and for CMU students. President Marie Reimers said SGA’s influence stretches from smaller things, like installing pencil sharpeners, to significant decisions on the academic calendar and CMU’s operating budget. However, though it serves such an important purpose on campus, the most recent SGA elections were far from competitive. CMU’s SGA is the largest in Michigan, boasting one House representative from each registered student organization on campus.

SGA passes resolution asking for $1.8 million

(11/25/13 10:44pm)

A resolution requesting the Campus Programming Fund be increased to $1.8 million passed Monday night at the last Student Government Association meeting of the semester. The resolution passed both in the Senate and in the House of Representatives with a vote of 80-21, sending the resolution to SGA President Marie Reimers for her approval before introducing it to the board of trustees on Dec.

University invests $6 million, lowers performance standards on scholarships

(11/20/13 7:00am)

Central Michigan University is investing $6 million into its merit scholarship programs this year in hopes of expanding the packages available to incoming freshmen. Bringing total investments to about $61 million, up from last year's total of $54 million, the program will continue to offer scholarships based on grade point averages and ACT scores. The GPA requirement was lowered from 3.5 to 3.0 and ACT scores must be at least 21 for students to be eligible. To continue the award, student must maintain a GPA of 3.25. Although admitting the expansion could help address enrollment reductions at CMU, Student Government Association's press secretary and Royal Oak sophomore Kai Niezgoda worried the initiative does little to address retention and the continued success of CMU's current student body. "I think it's a really good move on the part of CMU to make education more affordable," Niezgoda said.

Trading Places: University president and SGA president swap lives for a day

(11/20/13 7:00am)

Students were astounded Tuesday morning when President George Ross walked into their classroom with a backpack over his shoulder and sat down to attend their class in place of Student Government Association President Marie Reimers. To gain a better understanding of what each office does throughout the day – and to get a better view of what’s going on around campus – Ross and Reimers swapped lives for the day yesterday for the first time ever. Ross got the idea of the switch from one of his old bosses back in the '90s, William Stacy, former chancellor of University of Tennessee at Chattanooga.