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Responses to 'Hardly Presidential' and 'Chasing the president'

(10/01/10 3:20am)

I opened CM Life Monday morning to discover a full page of articles dedicated to President Ross: A reprint of an editorial “Priority Check: CMU President George Ross Must Maintain Dedication,” an article “Chasing the President” and a new editorial “Hardly Presidential.” Whoa, I thought, what’s he done to draw such rebukes from CM Life?

Fire drills do not prepare for the real thing

(09/17/10 3:00am)

If you were walking past Dow at about 10:15 today, you’d notice a few hundred people outside, and a few police and university vehicles. Those of us that were exiting the building assumed it was just a drill, so we took our time. However, only a handful noticed that the alarm next to the door actually had been pulled, and heard the sirens approaching the building.

Large freshman class size raises issues that must be addressed

(09/13/10 3:45am)

A record-breaking 4,100 eager freshmen now populate the many niches of CMU, and while I am certainly ecstatic to witness the enthusiasm of so many fresh faces, I must question: Why now are there such high numbers, and what outcomes — perhaps even obligations --— do these unique circumstances carry for the university?

Campus Conservatives will not be only RSO to dissolve

(09/10/10 3:00am)

Campus Conservatives may have been the first student organization to dissolve, but similar groups on campuses across the country will soon follow its path. That’s because the federal Supreme Court ruled over the summer, in Christian Legal Society v. Martinez, that registered student organizations cannot limit membership to students with shared beliefs.

Irresponsible actions can have lasting lifelong effects

(09/01/10 3:30am)

For more than a century, Mount Pleasant has been a college town welcoming students and embracing their traditions. Unfortunately, the actions of a minority of Central Michigan University’s student body during the Welcome Back Week activities and recent gatherings resulted in an escalation of dangerous and irresponsible drinking resulting in threats to the safety of students, community residents and others.

Hoisington looks to fill Lieutenant Governor candidate Calley's shoes in State Senate

(08/30/10 3:45am)

I must say I was surprised at Brian Calley’s decision to drop out of the race for the 33rd district state Senate seat in favor of Lieutenant Governor. I thought he was as serious as I am at focusing on the needs of the citizens within the district. I can only assume this is a career move on his part, however I won’t speak on his behalf.

Letter to the Editor: Printing quotas are not the right choice

(07/14/10 4:15am)

Our school’s new implementation of the new inconvenient printing quotas are comical-grinning and absurdity being the teeth in this photo. We rack-up thousands upon thousands of dollars in student loans to cover tuition; ha, don’t even get me started on the ridiculous coin students across this country submissively push across the table to be oh-so-lucky to receive that thin paper diploma.

Students should enjoy their summer, not worry about university finances in the fall

(04/23/10 2:00am)

Some students are graduating, while others are taking a much needed break from school this summer. For those coming back in the Fall, don't spend your summer worrying about the state of the university. The faculty will be ready to teach to the best of their ability when students get back.