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Members of LGBT community needs tolerance and friendship during trying times

(10/20/10 7:30am)

Last month was very difficult for the LGBT community and our allies with national attention being brought to the suicides of young LGBT individuals Earic Mohat, of New York; Seth Walsh, of California; Asher Brown, of Texas; Tyler Clementi, of New Jersey; Justin Aaberg, of Minnesota; Billy Lucas, of Indiana; and Raymond Chase, of Rhode Island.

LETTERS: Vote for Cotter; choose environmentally-safe fertilizers

(10/18/10 7:30am)

Kevin Cotter is the best choice for the next state representative from the 99th district. As a CMU student, I recognize how important it is to have someone in the state legislature who will be a tireless advocate for the university and for our great community. Kevin Cotter is a two-time graduate of CMU, once for his bachelor’s degree and again for his master’s. He knows the challenges that the university faces and what needs to be done to tackle them head on.