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Enrollment numbers to be released on count day, freshmen up 25 percent

(09/10/14 2:29pm)

Freshmen at Central Michigan University grew by 25 percent for the fall 2014 semester, according to CMU president George Ross.He said a press release is to be shared by University Communications, Thursday, to detail enrollment numbers across all academic colleges and class standings.Ross spoke about enrollment at CMU, the day before the university’s official count day, at the Mount Pleasant Chamber of Commerce’s Economic Outlook Luncheon, Wednesday.He said the increase in new students enrolling at CMU is due to efforts by the Office of Admissions.“It’s a lot of hard work by admission folks,” Ross said.

Federal appeals court reinstates lawsuit against Ross, university

(09/04/14 1:25pm)

A federal appeals court has reinstated a lawsuit filed by a former Central Michigan University professor for allegedly retaliated against her and her husband for helping a lead a vote no-confidence vote against the President Ross and then-provost Gary Shapiro in 2011.Filed against Ross, Shapiro and Ian Davidson, dean of the College of Science and Technology, the lawsuit claims Davidson denied a scheduled raise for former geology professor Kathleen Benison while she was on sabbatical and sued her for pay and benefits after she quit.The lawsuit also claims CMU refused to release the transcripts for her husband, Christopher, who was an undergraduate student at the time, and the basis of the alleged retaliation.A federal judge in Bay City tossed the suit out, but Benison appealed.

CMU officials, Faculty Association ratify five-year contract

(07/28/14 4:48pm)

Editors note: This story was updated at 11:50 a.m. on July 29 to describe the insurance the Faculty Association uses. After countless hours spent in bargaining sessions, Central Michigan University officials and the Faculty Association have ratified a five-year collective bargaining agreement. The new contract, which went into effect July 25, is the first contract of this duration between the two parties.

SAP University Alliance program, awards help students in Information System courses get hired

(05/23/14 5:16pm)

The Dow Chemical Company has announced its Dow Chemical SAP Award of Excellence scholarship winners, including two Central Michigan University seniors and one graduate student. The recipients were all students enrolled in the Information Systems undergraduate and master's degree programs. Dow Chemical gives out the academic excellence awards to students who have garnered high marks during their fall and spring semester course work.

Professors raise questions about safety of Smith Hall during public forum

(04/10/14 11:59pm)

Professors from the College of Business Administration believe Smith Hall might be giving them cancer. Despite working to address their concerns, university officials have said there is no cause for alarm. “We might be sitting on a time bomb,” said Crina Tarasi, professor of marketing, during a public forum on Wednesday.

Alpha Kappa Psi to host Career Day

(02/18/14 11:58pm)

Being professionally dressed and having a knock-out résumé might not be all it takes for students to find work after graduation. Meeting with recruiters, networking and being able to sell skills as an employee are all equally necessary, but students often don't know where to start. To assist students in finding jobs, Alpha Kappa Psi and the College of Business Administration are holding Career Day from 9 a.m.

EDITORIAL: Cooperation is key

(11/18/13 7:00am)

Divest CMU, a student activist group, is calling for the immediate divestment, or removal, of Central Michigan University’s vested financial interests in the fossil fuel industry. This year, according to the 2013-14 operating budget, CMU generated $2.3 million in investment income, or about .5 percent of the university’s total revenue. Unconfirmed by university officials, Divest CMU’s “disorientation guide” claims that 28 percent of the university’s stock portfolio consists of Big Oil investments. While the university ultimately rejected the group’s proposal for divestment, citing potential for decreased profits and the disapproval of CMU’s donors, it did hear the organization's argument, which was a step in a positive direction. Earlier in the month, newly selected Vice President of Finance and Administrative Services Barrie Wilkes, in a step toward cooperation, transparency and understanding, sat down to speak with the group’s leadership. Understandably, the university decided not to restructure its investment portfolio – especially during a time with new building constructions, a new College of Medicine and declining enrollment. Although the group was confrontational with its approach, citing “environmental genocide” as a consequence of fossil fuel investments and even including a cartoon of Ross being showered by oil profits in their divestment publication, it was still able to have its voice heard. While Wilkes quickly dismissed the possibility of immediately cutting back on Big Oil investments, he was surprisingly transparent on the reasoning for declining the proposal, even mentioning other potentially controversial investments in firearms, tobacco and liquor. The group itself cited shock at the university’s willingness to entertain their request.

Highest 2013 average GPA among colleges belongs to Health Professions

(11/11/13 7:00am)

Editors Note: Rene Shingle's title has been corrected to properly reflect her official position. The students in the College of Health Professions collectively have earned a higher GPA than students in the other colleges at Central Michigan University. According to a report from the Office of Institutional Research, as of Spring 2013, the College of Health Professions had the highest average cumulative grade point average among authorized majors, at 3.18, of all academic colleges on campus. Reneé Castellon, communications and marketing coordinator for the College of Health Professions, credits the high average GPA to students who work hard to do well in their classes both inside and outside of the program. “We have looked to really bring in a lot of very qualified students,” Castellon said.

CHSBS and CCFA taking largest student credit hour decreases

(10/02/13 7:00am)

Each college within Central Michigan University has seen a decline in student credit hours this year as a result of freshman enrollment figures dropping significantly. Among colleges taking the biggest hit is the College of Humanities and Social and Behavioral Sciences, which saw the largest decline in student credit hours from last year. “Given that the CHSBS is responsible for two competency courses in English and a significant number of University Program courses, it is reasonable that we would feel the impact in the drop in freshman enrollment,” Dean Pamela Gates said.

EDITORIAL: Time to quit ignoring campus programming

(09/23/13 7:00am)

Amidst university budget cuts, faculty cutbacks and an enrollment crisis, Central Michigan University has yet another problem on its hands: the Campus Programming Fund. The CPF, which is funded by student tuition dollars, funds programs including the Student Government Association, Multicultural and Academic Student Services, Student Activities and Involvement, University Recreation, Greek Life and the Mary Ellen Brandell Volunteer Center.

College of Business down nearly $800,000 in revenue

(09/23/13 7:00am)

Following a decline in enrollment this year, the College of Business Administration is predicting a $789,719 drop in revenue, according to a comparison of the 2012-13 and 2013-14 operating budget summaries. CBA’s total revenue decreased by 1.68 percent this year from 2012-13’s total of $47 million to this year’s $46.2 million. Dean of CBA Charles Crespy said the decline was predicted, and the college that teaches introductory business courses for freshmen might be offering fewer sections in the future. “We’re planning in the long run for what might be a smaller college,” Crespy said.