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City officials seek input on making Crawford Road safer

(10/30/16 6:37pm)

It’s been one year since Macomb freshman Ryan Tsatsos was killed in an unsolved hit-and-run incident on Crawford Road, southwest of Central Michigan University’s campus.Since then, members of the Mount Pleasant city government have been working to make sure something like this doesn’t happen again.This past spring, Union Township Supervisor Russ Alwood called for a meeting of local officials to discuss the possibility of installing a sidewalk along Crawford Road for safety.

County Clerk candidates talk gay marriage, gun control in public debate

(10/20/16 10:24pm)

Republican Minde Lux and Democrat Chelsea Plevinski want Mount Pleasant residents to get out and vote — and not just because they’re running for Isabella County Clerk.The two candidates spoke at length in front of about 50 people concerning the importance of voter registration, gun control and marriage equality during the County Clerk debate Thursday night in the Mount Pleasant City Building.

City commission votes against moving language change in City Charter to November ballot

(05/24/16 2:16pm)

After holding a public hearing at its Monday meeting, the Mount Pleasant City Commission voted not to move an amendment change that would lower the percentage of signatures needed for residents to move initiatives and referendums to the commission. Section 3 of Article VI of the city's charter requires initiative and referendum petitions be signed by "qualified, registered electors of the City, equal to not less than 18 percent of the number of votes casted for candidates for the office of governor at the last preceding general election in the city."If passed, the amendment would stipulate a flat rate of 600 signatures or 10 percent of the number of votes casted to elect a governor in the preceding general election. If passed Monday, the proposed language change would have been added to the November ballot for residents to vote on it.The motion needed a three-fifths vote to pass.

City commission amends panhandling ordinance

(04/25/16 9:58pm)

A motion to amend and repeal several Mount Pleasant City Code of Ordinances addressing dangerous, distracting and intimidating conduct in certain places was passed tonight at the Mount Pleasant City Council meeting.This revisited discussions had late last month, which called into question if the city was in violation of prohibiting solicitation within 50 feet of intersections, ATMs and other businesses.The updated amendments lessened the solicitation prohibition space by 10 feet, from 50 to 40. The amendment also removed the phrase "begging in a public place" from section 131.14 back in December, which was created to keep solicitors from bothering residents in public places.