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New director connects international students to campus

(10/18/15 7:51pm)

Bill Holmes said internalization can impact the whole Central Michigan University campus. The new executive director of International Affairs aims to develop a plan for university-wide internationalization that takes everyone on campus into consideration.Tracy Nakajima, director of International Student and Scholar Services, said they want to increase interaction between international students and domestic students because they want international students to get the full experience of an American education.

Global Peace comes to CMU

(10/16/15 7:33pm)

English and Philosophy and Religion faculty turned the theory of human rights into a real function.Faculty Hope May, Andrew Blom and Maureen Eke hosted Global Ethics, Gender and militarism: A Conversation and Recovery of our Lost Memory Friday, October 16 in the Park Library Auditorium. The trio shared their experiences involving history, human rights, feminism and theory with students.

West Campus Village apartment building will get rebuilt

(10/16/15 3:56pm)

A West Campus Village apartment building containing six rooms was demolished yesterday, Oct. 15.United Apartments has removed the old building and is rebuilding it with new amenities and a more modern floor plan, said United Apartments Operations Manager Rick McGuirk.“We are replacing it as part of a replacement plan to make it consistent with amenities today’s students expect to see,” McGuirk said.Students planned to live in one of the six rooms in the now-demolished apartment building were placed in other units available throughout campus.The building that was torn down in West Campus Village was put into service in 1982, and hadn’t been updated since then.

Christian Documentary Shines a Light on Premarital Sex

(10/16/15 1:44pm)

The religion department at Central Michigan University held a screening of the documentary “Give Me Sex, Jesus,” a film exploring many Christians' views on sex, marriage and what it means to be “pure.” The film told the stories of religious leaders and scholars, Christian couples and LGBTQ youth in order to answer the question, “As a Christian, when is it okay to have sex?”The documentary was shown Thursday afternoon in Anspach Hall.Swartz Creek freshman Kaitlyn Anderson said they were drawn in by the film’s rather controversial title. “I’m a Christian, so I’m intrigued by what they have to say about religion and sexuality, because those two don’t usually go together,” Anderson said.

SGA Diversity Committee draws criticism for using stereotypes in costume demonstration

(10/16/15 11:46am)

The Student Government Association's annual "We're a Culture, Not a Costume" awareness event was met with a largely negative response from the student population Wednesday afternoon after the diversity sub-committee utilized blackface in a racist Halloween costume demonstration."(We're a Culture, Not a Costume) is a campaign that we've done for three years except this time we did it live," said Chuck Mahone, President of SGA.

Art exhibit offers new take on gender

(10/16/15 8:04am)

In the exhibit “Gender,” currently on display in the University Art Gallery, everything from photographs of androgynous models in various stages of undress, to a looped video of a woman pricking herself on a cactus is on display.The exhibit opened Thursday, featuring ten artists from the United States, Canada and South Korea made art for the exhibit under the theme of gender identity, masculinity, femininity and transgenderism.Among the art on display was a series of glass cases that contained various dieting books for young women, with a sign along the bottom that read “In case of emergency, break glass”. There was also a painting of two male models with the words “THIS IS AMERICA” printed across their sculpted abs asked the viewer, “Which word do you emphasize?” The front of the gallery featured the work of Catherine Forster, who said her work was inspired by her 13-year-old transgender daughter. “This is the age where a lot of individuals come out,” Forster said.

English Language Institute grows with international student population

(10/14/15 10:53pm)

The international student population at Central Michigan University has doubled since 2009. Of the 1175 international students on campus, 444 are currently taking courses in english competency to adapt to CMU's curriculum.These courses, offered by the English Language Institute, are intended to acclimate non-english speaking students to the language so that it is possible for them to take courses."The English Language Institute is for students who have not met the university's language proficiency and need a little more language support before they can take academic classes," said Assistant Director Caitlin Hamstra.Students are placed into one of five levels according to their english needs, Hamstra said. The basic level is for students with virtually no english experience.

'Queer' becomes an umbrella term for some LGBTQ community members

(10/13/15 1:21pm)

Hayley McNichol noticed that whenever something went wrong in an old science fiction  film, a character would comment on how things were beginning to feel queer as a way to describe their bad environment. Once having meant strange and been used as a derogatory term, ‘queer’ has evolved into an umbrella term for those in the LGBTQ+ community.However, because of the history and connotation behind it, the Farwell senior said she finds it to be an almost dehumanizing word. “I think the only people using it should be the people who identify themselves as queer or genderqueer, not just let it be thrown around,” McNichol said.