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SGA Women in Politics panel addresses lack of female presence in political sphere

(03/25/15 10:39pm)

Despite a low turnout Wednesday night, SGA delivered a Women in Politics panel in Park Library Auditorium which encouraged attendees to challenge what they knew about the political sphere and women involvement.Panelists included current SGA Vice President, Mariah Urueta, former SGA President, Marie Reimers, student activist Portia Brown and CMU alumna, Hayley Alderman.Opening the panel, Reimers gave a brief introduction on notable women in politics.

New Venture competitors make last minute preparations

(03/24/15 10:18pm)

After almost two semesters of preparation, the New Venture Competition competitors are making last minute adjustments to their business in hopes of winning the $30,000 prize on Friday.Mount Pleasant junior Sam Pina and her teammate, senior Joe Pina, of the Revolve Replication team will be spending the remaining days until the competition going over presentation and making sure all their loose ends are tied up by calling different organizations to receive last minute feedback.

SGA presidential candidate unveils key points in policy ahead of election

(03/23/15 11:09pm)

Monday night’s SGA Presidential Press conference illuminated the key points in which President Chuck Mahone and running mate Maggie Blackmer intend to hit during their 2015/2016 time in office.Their talking points included getting bigger desks for students to use in classrooms and making attaining rooms around campus easier for RSO and SGA sponsored events.The desk issue, Blackmer said, derives from a need to accommodate students of all shapes and sizes.“We believe that it is extremely embarrassing and plain absurd that a student who may be bigger set is unable to sit in those types of (small) desks and have to, unfortunately, sit in a handicapped seat in the classroom,” Blackmer said.

School of Music performs 'Marriage of Figaro' in Staples Family Concert Hall

(03/22/15 6:42pm)

 Before the doors opened at the Staples Family Concert Hall, Saturday March 21 for the Marriage of Figaro performance from the Department of Music, many people gathered outside of the hall, optimistic of this long anticipated opera. The show had been cast almost a year ago toward and the audience members were anxious about how the performance would turn out.“I had heard of this opera but I had never seen it,” said Clinton Township sophomore Alexia Ellison, who is a music major.  A heavy portion of the audience was composed of strong-supporting family members, ready to give congratulations to the cast in different pastels of bouquets.

Humble Abode Tiny Homes New Venture team prepares for competition

(03/19/15 10:00pm)

Three Oaks senior Sarah Campbell and Harrison senior Jessica Koskinen are hoping their Humble Abode Tiny Homes business will become the second tiny home builder found in the MidWest.They hope to achieve this through the New Venture Competition, which is offering over $75,000 in awards. Humble Abode Tiny Homes builds smaller homes than the regular 1200 square foot home.

SGA Senate in recess until after election

(03/19/15 10:00pm)

As of last Monday’s SGA meeting, there will be no more senate. Unable to meet quorum for their final two weeks in session, not having at least 15 members present so as to vote and pass legislation, no new legislation will be passed through the Senate.President Chuck Mahone says that this quorum, though uncommon, is “not unheard of”.The inability to meet quorum comes as a combination of senators who had to resign due to academic reasons and senators who took on a workload without fully knowing what the situation entailed.“In this context, were we’re at legislatively, this (inability to meet quorum) isn’t stopping us from doing anything we want to do,” Mahone said.

CMU enacts new Sexual Misconduct Policy

(03/17/15 10:45pm)

Central Michigan University enacted a new Sexual Misconduct Policy Tuesday, which details university procedure once it has become aware of allegations of sexual misconduct in order to prevent its recurrence, remedy its effects, promote safety and deter individuals from similar future behavior.University President George Ross made released a statement alongside the official release Tuesday, in which he called on students and faculty to protect each other and report inappropriate behavior."We have a responsibility to understand, address and work to eliminate instances of sexual misconduct," Ross said in the release.

Digmanns share 20 year experience with multiple sclerosis

(03/17/15 10:45pm)

Dan and Jennifer Digmann joined Central Michigan University Tuesday night in the Bovee University Center to take students and members of the community on a journey through their experience with multiple sclerosis, asking everyone where they saw themselves in twenty years.The Digmanns explained that twenty years ago they did not see themselves lecturing at a university about MS, but then, "life happens."Jennifer was diagnosed in 1997, 3 years before Dan.