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ESSAY: Critical thinking skills — ‘wrong, but useful’

(03/31/11 10:10pm)

On the first day of my “Seminar in the Study of Religion” course last semester, Dr. Michael Ostling, an assistant professor, made an interesting comment. All of the theorists that we’d soon be discussing in the class, he stated flatly, are wrong. The course syllabus included readings from the likes of Freud, Marx and Weber. How could these accomplished intellectuals, I thought, be wrong? And if they are, then why are we bothering to read their work?

COLUMN: State of the Union has good, bad, no ugly

(01/27/11 10:00pm)

President Obama's State of the Union address was uplifting and progressive at some points, disappointing at others, but perhaps most important was what he left out. First, the good. The president asked our country to come together as the American family that we are. He made sure to include Muslim Americans as well as gay Americans, who will soon be able to openly serve in the military. In these times of divisiveness and partisanship, it was refreshing for the president to appeal to our better angles.

COLUMN: Obama's State of the Union had some good thought but lacks solid plan

(01/27/11 9:00pm)

President Barack Obama's State of the Union speech saw little focus on foreign policy issues, with Obama highlighting achievements in the Middle East, as well as issuing a warning to our adversaries. He also threw the yearly section on clean and renewable energy, and while there is nothing wrong with that, he failed to give clear examples on how we will achieve his goals. Having 80% of Americans’ electricity come from clean energy sources by 2035 is a great goal, but how will we get there?

Arizona shooting should be seen as a tragedy, not a political tool

(01/12/11 2:45am)

In the wake of Arizona Congresswomen Gabrielle Giffords’ attempted assassination, it has been insinuated that America’s harsh political climate was part of shooter Jared Lee Loughner’s motivation for the shooting. This is not a debate that should be had. When Loughner opened fire 31 times into a crowd at a Giffords town hall-style meeting, he killed six people, seriously wounded a U.S. Congresswoman and injured 13 others. This tragedy should not be politicized by the media on either side of the aisle.

Attack on U.S. representative worries local politicians

(01/10/11 5:15am)

The shooting of an Arizona Congresswoman has left an impression on people across the nation — even in Mount Pleasant. U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, a three-term Democrat, was injured in her home district in Tucson, Ariz. during a campaign event outside a grocery store when a 22-year-old man fired indiscriminately into a crowd. Six others were killed in the events. State Rep. Kevin Cotter, R-Mount Pleasant, said his thoughts and prayers are with Giffords’ and other victims’ families.

Debates in gubernatorial race unnecessary

(09/20/10 3:30am)

Political debates are dull, tedious and boring, and thanks to this year’s gubernatorial candidates, Michigan voters may be spared from them. The sides representing Democratic candidate Virg Bernero and GOP candidate Rick Snyder have not been able to compromise on how many debates should take place, when or where the debates should take place, the time they should be and who the moderators should be.

Before getting in a political argument, get educated

(09/08/10 3:15am)

In a recent column, Maria Amante begged for CMU students to care about politics. I guess I can’t really knock that position, as I wrote a piece myself back in September of last year that essentially argued the same thing. However, I would like to ask for something in addition: If you’re going to start getting involved, do some research and educate yourself. I’m not just saying know who the candidates are, but actually be able to analyze the various other things involved as well.

Republican gubernatorial candidate Snyder taps State Rep. Brian Calley for running mate

(08/27/10 6:15am)

State politics have been abuzz with Republican gubernatorial candidate Rick Snyder’s recent tap for a running mate. On Wednesday, the Ann Arbor businessman brought his choice to light and the man behind the mask just happens to be a state Senate candidate for the 33rd district, which includes Mount Pleasant.

Students must keep afloat of politics

(08/27/10 3:30am)

I am ashamed to call you people my peers. This semester I am taking JRN 312: Reporting, and our first assignment was to get student reaction on the governor’s race this November. I was thrilled at the assignment — politics is my passion and what I get geeked about. I figured it would take me ten minutes to finish the assignment and by the time class was finished, I would already be gone and off to a self-congratulatory Starbucks coffee.

Campus Conservatives inspired necessary dialogue on campus.

(08/25/10 3:00am)

The dissolution of Campus Conservatives as a registered student organization is a loss for the political community at Central Michigan University. Often an outspoken and controversial group, they provided a voice and a sense of togetherness for individuals whose views did not fall in line with the College Republicans or College Democrats.