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EDITORIAL: Journalists need to hold politicians in check

(08/31/12 8:00am)

All politicians lie. Democrats and Republicans, liberals and conservatives alike. At some point it would be nice if national news outlets, especially the major news networks, would acknowledge this. One of the many roles of the news media is to keep an eye on those in power and call them out for abusing that power or lying to the American people.

COLUMN: Seeing Red and Blue

(06/18/12 3:17pm)

The U.S. bi-party political system is about as American as apple pie. The last president to be anything but a Democrat or a Republican was Millard Fillmore, a Whig whose time in office ended more than a decade before Abraham Lincoln’s assassination. The current Senate is two percent independent, and the House enjoys 0 percent deviation from the traditional red and blue. While the simplicity of the two-party system isn’t to be denied, its track record leaves room for doubt.

Poll shows Michigan residents prefer Obama, split on gay marriage

(05/14/12 9:33pm)

A new poll shows President Barack Obama leading presumptive Republican nominee Mitt Romney in Michigan by roughly five points. Obama has support from 45.1 percent of Michigan residents, while Romney has support from 39.5 percent of the state's voters, according to a poll conducted by Glengariff Group Inc., a Chicago-based marketing research firm. Another 15.4 percent are undecided. Obama won the state easily in 2008, beating Sen.

Author discusses woman's influence on moderate politics

(04/26/12 8:51pm)

Women's roles in politics has grown over the past few decades, but progress has been slow moving. Author Sarah Fitzgerald, who spoke Thursday to an audience of about 15 on Thursday in the Park Library Auditorium, discussed her new book, "Elly Peterson: Mother of Moderates." The book highlights the life of a woman whose life and work was a revolutionary force in Michigan politics during the 1960s.

Griffin Policy Forum to discuss Republican presidential primary, predict winner

(03/29/12 6:00pm)

While the Republican candidate for the 2012 presidential race has not been selected, predictions are already being made about the outcome of the November election. A panel of political insiders will share their predictions on the candidates and issues involved in the election at the Griffin Policy Forum at 7 p.m.

Ron Paul event draws supporters, detractors

(02/26/12 3:37pm)

More than 1,450 people from across the state flocked to Central Michigan University Saturday to hear Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul's campaign speech before Tuesday's primary. John Engel traveled from Bay City to support Paul, who he called “the only true conservative in the race.” “It’s the only thing that makes sense," Engel said.

ESSAY: Critical thinking skills — ‘wrong, but useful’

(03/31/11 10:10pm)

On the first day of my “Seminar in the Study of Religion” course last semester, Dr. Michael Ostling, an assistant professor, made an interesting comment. All of the theorists that we’d soon be discussing in the class, he stated flatly, are wrong. The course syllabus included readings from the likes of Freud, Marx and Weber. How could these accomplished intellectuals, I thought, be wrong? And if they are, then why are we bothering to read their work?

COLUMN: State of the Union has good, bad, no ugly

(01/27/11 10:00pm)

President Obama's State of the Union address was uplifting and progressive at some points, disappointing at others, but perhaps most important was what he left out. First, the good. The president asked our country to come together as the American family that we are. He made sure to include Muslim Americans as well as gay Americans, who will soon be able to openly serve in the military. In these times of divisiveness and partisanship, it was refreshing for the president to appeal to our better angles.