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Q&A: Communications graduate student reflects on overcoming her speech impediment

(03/13/19 4:13pm)

It was the day she would deliver her first speech in a college course. Rachel Masch nervously read off her flash cards, trying to slow down her pace so she could deliver her speech clearly. As Masch continued speaking, her stutter and lisp started to appear. These speech impediments caused Masch to struggle as she stumbled over her words. 

Music faculty using virtual reality technology to improve students’ performance abilities

(02/19/19 10:50pm)

Time and time again, Central Michigan University School of Music faculty Mark Cox has seen students underperform at recitals, concerts and competitions simply because they were taken aback by the sound of the large space they had to play in. Students would also play too softly for the space, as they were used to practicing their pieces in small practice rooms.