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GUEST COLUMN: FA President Laura Frey gives clarification to editorials

(08/31/11 5:00pm)

I wanted to provide some additional insight to the “Muffled Media” editorial published in the August 26th edition as well as the “Misinformation” editorial on August 29, 2011. It was made apparent to me late Tuesday evening (August 23rd) in an open, frank student conversation that there were unanswered questions on a number of topics related to the August 22nd work stoppage, the filed Temporary Restraining Order on the FA, faculty contract issues, and university finances.

LETTER: A defense of CMU students and Student Government Association

(08/29/11 1:20am)

Very clearly stated and quite widely used, the mission statement of the Central Michigan University Student Government Association is: “Dedicated to inspiring improvement throughout its community by providing and promoting advocacy amongst and for its constituency, in hopes of developing a healthy and diverse learning environment while fostering a positive image of our university.” Put exceedingly simply, SGA is responsible for promoting ‘advocacy of the students,’ at whole, of CMU and to provide to them a ‘healthy learning environment.’

LETTER: Rep. Cotter says experts recognize Michigan is on path to recovery

(08/19/11 6:30pm)

Michigan received tremendous news (the week of July 31) when Fitch Ratings announced that it revised our bond rating outlook from stable to positive. Fitch is one of the leading national bond rating agencies, and its ratings affect the ability of governments and schools to finance projects. This is a very positive sign for our state, and it represents the first step in improving our AA- bond rating and improving our economy.

LETTER: Response to Nathan Inks' column

(04/29/11 1:00am)

I applaud Mr. Inks and you for not censoring the comments on his “tasteless” article concerning the 9/11 Truth Movement. It is too bad he did so little research before writing the piece but hopefully the replies will inspire him to seriously investigate topics before betraying the trust of his readers again as so many “journalists” in this nation have become accustomed to doing. Had he attended the Richard Gage, AIA presentation at Lawrence Technological University on April 18 (I was there), I am certain he would not have been so quick to dismiss the unified professional opinion of almost 1500 licensed architects and engineers who all agree only explosives could have caused the level of destruction we witnessed in NYC on 9/11.