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LETTER: College of Medicine progress is remarkable, needed

(01/25/12 12:55pm)

I have been following with great interest the progress being made by Central Michigan University in establishing the College of Medicine. The idea of a school of medicine focusing on training primary care physicians was being discussed during the last months of my tenure as a member of the board of trustees. Having accomplished so much in such a short period of time under the leadership of Chairman Dr. Sam Kottamasu, Dean Ernest Yoder, Provost E. Gary Shapiro and University President George Ross, is truly remarkable.

LETTER: Parking solutions already in place

(01/18/12 12:30pm)

As the provider of transportation services to Central Michigan University, the off-campus apartment complexes, as well as the greater Mount Pleasant area and the Isabella County Transportation Commission, I-Ride shuttle services provide more than a quarter of a million rides annually to and from the CMU campus. In addition, these same services connect campus to most of Mount Pleasant.

LETTER: Administration continues disregard for other's concerns of College of Medicine

(11/07/11 2:00pm)

If there were ever any doubt about campus frustration over the disregard for shared governance by this Central Michigan University administration, the overwhelming Academic Senate vote on Nov. 1 to suspend further academic action involving the proposed CMU Medical School ought to put that doubt to rest.

LETTER: Justice for the Faculty Association

(09/30/11 12:40pm)

I am writing in reply to the open letter by Provost Shapiro that explains his perception of the negotiations between the administration and the CMU Faculty Association. I particularly appreciate that he brought a social justice focus to the issue. From my perspective, the administration has been very selective in applying the social justice principle that underlies their position and has applied it to limited criteria that suit their goals.

LETTER: Wednesday headline says it all between FA, CMU

(09/30/11 7:00am)

The Wednesday Sept. 28 Central Michigan Life headline says everything that needs to be said about the current administration/faculty contract negotiation impasse: “CMU adds nearly $50 million to unreserved funds.” As reported in this article, Central Michigan University’s unrestricted funds now equal “about $276 million.”